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Mars In Sagittarius Meaning: Always Being in Control 

Mars In Sagittarius Meaning

The Mars in Sagittarius people love being in ten different places at the same time.

Element And Quality: Fire & Mutable

Celebrities With Mars In Sagittarius: Rihanna, Shahrukh Khan, Vladimir Putin, Jennifer Lopez, Carl Jung, John Travolta

Positive Keywords: Joyful, Spontaneous, Feisty, Competitive, Experimental

Negative Keywords: Opinionated, Annoyed, Slighted, Laid-back, Selfish


The Mars In Sagittarius: Personality


The instinctive drive in a Sagittarius stems from their naturally energetic approach to everything. When it comes to their basic desires, this gets them moving and keeps them in motion. And whenever Mars in Sagittarius gets upset, the need to focus on something else helps keep them sane.



That’s what Mars represents, that thing deep inside us that makes us tick or gets us all fired up. And for Mars in Sagittarius, they are all about having as many irons in the fire as they can. These people get pumped up when they start a new project. They usually have too many new things going on at once. They are one of the busiest people you know because of their endless vitality. But you also know they are not completely happy unless they are going full speed.

The Mars In Sagittarius

Positive Traits of the Mars in Sagittarius

As a fire sign in astrology, Mars in Sagittarius is incredibly passionate about all they do, meaning they can never do anything halfway. That’s why it’s important for Mars in Sagittarius to maintain a healthy amount of physical activity in their life, so they can handle whatever is thrown their way. Their incredible drive sometimes makes it difficult for them to keep it together, so burning off some steam is always a good thing.


The Sagittarius Mars people tend to be very knowledgeable people with a lot of experience. This is due to their frequent traveling and new experiences. And, they have great opinions on things. Wisdom is their strong suit. And, Mars in Sagittarius uses that wealth of information to get things done.


Negative Traits of the Mars in Sagittarius 

But this doesn’t mean Mars in Sagittarius are particularly fierce or intense people. They are usually laid-back and easygoing. Even though they need to keep busy, they can also change course when necessary. They hate rigid rules or schedules and need plenty of independence to accomplish their goals.

They don’t do well when they have to answer to others. These people are known to start projects with plenty of ambition but then switch gears to begin something else before finishing the last one. And while they may recognize this as a potential flaw, they don’t take criticism too well.

When people disagree with them, they feel annoyed or slighted. They try to persuade others to see their point of view, which may not be complete because of their lack of follow-through, But they don’t understand that when their beliefs get rejected.

Understanding the Effects of Mars in Sagittarius

This personality has a problem managing their anger. They do not take time to stop and evaluate what they are about to do because they are wronged. You act and then regret the consequences of your actions later.

Mars brings peace and calm into your life. You need to be patient with yourself and learn to control your emotions to get the better of you. Natal Mars in Sagittarius encourages you to find a peaceful way of dealing with conflicts. Have time to yourself and calm down before engaging people who have wronged you.

Astrology reveals that you love fun. You do things that excite you and allow you to use your energy to the fullest. Curiosity drives you to explore different areas of life. You get to learn a lot of things because you have fun exploring different cultures and meeting new people.

Mars in Sagittarius Career

These men and women start many projects all at once, but they always have a problem finishing them to the end. You are optimistic, and once you get a new idea, you forget everything and start exploring something else.

These individuals interact well with their co-workers because they are always curious to learn from them. Your interactions with people make you better and allow you to do much for your career. Mars in Sagittarius luck is on your side as long as you do things the right way. Remain focused on your goals and aspirations.

Mars in Sagittarius and Love

Mars in Sagittarius’s love relationships are always on fire because you are a passionate lover. You love with all your heart, and this passion is extended to the bedroom, where things are always on fire. You become serious with someone after connecting with them through physical intimacy.


Mars in Sagittarius’ playful nature keeps things fun and exciting between the sheets. But, they tend to back off when things start to get serious. And if their partner wants something more than this Mars sign is not ready for, they could bail as quickly as they get into the relationship.

It’s not something they do consciously. They need their freedom to go where the wind takes them, and they don’t take anything too seriously, including sex. They see it as more of a game than anything else, although they hate when people play hard to get.

These men and women are direct about everything in their lives, and they expect others to be the same way as them. But while they may be selfish at times, They always mean well, and they certainly know how to keep things interesting!

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