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Present Day Numerology

Present Day Numerology

Present day numerology is being used as a form of divination. Numerologists have spread around the globe, and today numerology is used as one method of fortune-telling. The letters of the birth name and the birth date of an individual are converted to their corresponding numbers and then summed to arrive at a single-digit number.

Numerology is also often referred to as a do-it-yourself divination method. Because numbers have mysterious and hidden meanings, a single-digit can speak so many words. A number has key traits associated with it and an individual has to be able to associate this number with their personalities and their life paths. According to most numerologists, the full name of an individual can determine the expression number and the vowels in the name can represent the individual’s soul purpose.

Numerology Charts

Numerology employs the use of charts and worksheets to determine the most optimum dates or years of a person’s life. A karmic number can also be derived, as a way to use it to advantage for future events. This karmic number is often described to be of a divine sort, which can determine the strengths and weaknesses of an individual.

These strengths and weaknesses can be emphasized and minimized for a person to achieve more fortunate chances in life. Numerology aims to determine the most optimal age in a person’s life so as to be able to maximize opportunities and ensure result-oriented decision making.

Meanings for Different Personality

Different personality meanings are associated with basic numbers in numerology. One is the leader and means independence. Sometimes, this can connote self-centeredness too. Two means harmony and lover of peace, also mediator. However, this could also connote dependence and passivity. Three is symbolized by positivism and adventure, and if illustrated negatively, is expressed by self-indulgence and extravagance.

Four means practicality and self-discipline, and may also imply stubbornness and narrow-mindedness. Five signifies freedom, curiosity, and flexibility. But too much of this can bring about irresponsibility and inconsistency. Six is also a peace-loving number. It is centered on compassion and family life, that when negatively expressed could mean superficiality and jealousy. Seven is denoted by wisdom. People with this number are usually deep thinkers.

They can fall too deep into their thoughts, however, and become melancholic and isolated. The number eight is characterized by success and ambition, that when channeled negatively can lead to materialism. Number nine connotes sympathy and tolerance. But having enough of these can mean being moody and overly emotional.

Master Numbers

In numerology, there are numbers called the master numbers. These are usually the numbers eleven (11) and twenty-two (22). People who have this number are more spiritually endowed.

People with the number eleven are natural givers and have that unmistakable humanitarian streak. People with the number twenty-two are considered to be geniuses who maintain the highest of ideals. However, these people are often considered to lead very complicated, long-winded lives. But because they are more emotionally stable, they can weather all the complexities brought about by their life fortunes.

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