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How To Impress People In 3 Different Ways

Simple Ways To Impress Someone

It is not easy to impress people, and it is even more difficult when you try to impress anyone you meet. Creating an impression becomes necessary as you try to land that dream job, build up a relationship and lure a potential business partner or customer. Creating this idealistic situation does not come on a silver platter and needs strategic efforts, especially with people who are an introvert. Nonetheless, you can impress people in the following three ways.


3 Ways To Make A Good Impression

#1. Physical Appearance

Dressing appropriately for the right occasion is the first step to sending the right signals to people you come across. Know when to wear what and where that cloth can be taken to. It is never right to dress casually to a formal event no matter how trendy the fabric may be.


For example, putting on jeans and a t-shirt for a corporate ball creates an impression that you are not dangerous. People may treat you according to your appearance, and despite being smart and intelligent, you can be disregarded. As it has been said, dress like a beggar and you will be treated like a beggar. Learn to dress sharp and put on cloth for the right occasion, wear good shoes take matches your dress and a lasting impression would be created.


Aside from that, personal hygiene is essential. It is despicable to in this modern days have a bad odor. No one should smell bad in this era of abundant perfumes. Have a clean shave and present yourself as you would want the other to regard you. This put you on the right note and opens the door for a conversation without the person thinking twice.

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#2. Self Confidence

Building up confidence is the next step to impressing people. No one wants to deal with a timid person who lacks belief in expressing themselves. The way you approach a person and the manner in which start a conversation can either send a right or wrong signals about you.


Yes, some people are naturally the lay back type, but that doesn’t seize you to be confident. Approach people with a smile but firm, be eloquent and shouldn’t be murmuring or fumbling as if you are not sure of what to say or scared. That also come with being well mannered and using the right tone in conversation. The choice of words, excluding jargon on formal conversations and knowing what to say and at what time creates a lasting impression.

Rome was not built in a day. Therefore steps can be taken to develop your self-confidence through constant practice. On the other hand, you can sometimes impress people with what you do (profession). Sometimes it takes a little confidence in expression what you do to win that life-changing contract. People are good at what they do but their inability to confidently express it becomes an impediment to their progress. If you cannot express yourself well, it becomes difficult to impress people let alone having confidence in you.

#3. Being Honest

Being honest is one of the sure ways of creating a lasting impression of yourself. People sometimes deliberately seek for your opinion and expect to be given honest answers. However, most people try to avoid hurting others feeling by hiding their honest opinions about them.

They rather become praise singers which is slightly wrong. You can give an honest opinion, but in a polite way, which at the end won’t hurt. Once people realize that you are honest with them, it brings trust and creates positive impressions.

Aside from being honest with people, you should also be honest with yourself. Never lie about yourself and things you can do as that can make or unmake you. If people find out you’ve been lying about yourself, it kills their trust in you for good. On the other hand being honest creates admiration and good impression.


These steps above are not the only steps of creating a lasting impression but this article just sought to settle on three. Establishing a good rapport with people who matter is very important. Study these people, know what they like, and you can use that to catch their attention.

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