Celtic Symbols For Purity

Celtic Symbols For Purity

Purity was an important concept to the ancient Celts. It signified all that was good and wholesome in the world, making it an obviously yearned for trait. As with all other characteristics, the Celts designed a picture to symbolize purity.

Celtic symbolism takes many of its derivatives from the natural elements, as they felt deeply connected with their surroundings. With that being said, it is fitting that the symbol for the idea of purity came in the form of a plus sign within a circle.

The Ogham (or tree language) symbol for the fir tree. Firs were seen to stay green all year round, denoting ideas of longevity, health, and completeness. Because of this belief, Celtic mothers could be observed placing fir branches underneath the beds of newborns in order to ensure that their spirits would remain pure throughout their lives.

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In Celtic symbolism, the circle was a symbol for wholeness – a soul can only be pure when it is whole. This would have been one of the older and more primitive of interpretations. The realm of Ogham was an ancient form of communication highly revered by the Celts. They turned to this cultural domain when searching for wisdom and guidance.

They believed that each Celtic tree they encountered held different personality traits that could provide knowledge to those who asked for it.

When concerning pureness, which was an invaluable quality, the fir symbol (or Ailm) was thought to be representative of a pureness of energy and good health. Additionally, the Ailm provoked a focus on strength, clarity, and integrity. It reminded people to be objective in their thinking and reasoning, allowing them to develop a strength and nobility of character.

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Celtic Symbolism For Purity – Blue Sky

The Celts used seemingly commonplace natural entities as a guide to living purely. For example, they put their faith in the blue sky that surrounded them, blanketing them in purity. Along with this, the birds that inhabit the sky were also viewed as symbolic vessels of purity

This was because majority of their existence takes place at great heights, literally and metaphorically. Furthermore, the ancient Celts saw purity symbolized in the color and fluidity of water. The natural clarity of water, in addition to its cleansing properties, further suits the theme of purity.

While the Ailm has been a symbolic meaning associated with the idea of purity, it is important to note that it is not mutually exclusive.

Symbolic interpretation has been and always will be subjective. In the ancient Celtic realm of thinking, many of the typically called upon symbols have connections with purity, even if only subtly.

Other Celtic Symbols Of Purity

For example, Celtic knots and the Triquetra symbols feature never-ending lines that are all intertwined with each other. This can certainly be interpreted as a reference to the pureness of life. Life and the universe are open and honest: they are infinite and eternal and thus can only be viewed as pure. Purity will always prevail. Thus, all things that are associated with the infinite and eternal nature of life and nature can also be associated with purity: the elements, matter, animals, weather, etc.

All that sustains life and provides nourishment and honest joy must surely be pure, if Mother Earth created it. To be honest, whatever speaks to you cannot be deemed wrong or incorrect. Fire, with its ability to destroy and renew within the ashes, may seem more pure than white and “clean”- appearing items.

Some who follow the Celtic symbolic realm may turn to trees (either in general or with specific ones, like the fir, in mind) or particular flowers to invoke feelings of purity. Simple flowers like Lily of the Valley may seem to be a more obvious choice, but again, that is up to the individual. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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