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Influence of Fate Line On Profession In Palmistry

Fate Line on the Right and Left Hand

If the Fate Line is more prominent on the active hand (the right hand if you are right-handed), then it indicates that the person has been recently gaining more satisfaction and a clearer direction in the profession.


If the Fate Line is more prominent on the passive hand (the left hand if you are right-handed), then it indicates that the person has been recently having less satisfaction and also losing the sense of direction in his career.


Development of the Fate Line for Profession and Career

Some people don’t have a Fate Line especially when they are still young. But, they would most probably develop a Fate Line later in life. Also, some people have only a very short Fate Line, but this would most probably become gradually longer and deeper with age. It all indicates how the person chooses his or her fate in the profession.


Sometimes the fate is very clear. For example, Mozart was destined to become a musician almost from his date of birth. Other times, the fate of the person is very dependent on developing a new passion in life. In general, the Fate Line is constantly changing with age depending on the state of mind of the person.


Age Timeline

Timing the events on the Fate Line is very important in making predictions. Of course, any prediction would be based on the present state of the Fate Line and therefore is only an estimation of where the person is going to end up in a career if no special efforts are done to change the direction.

The middle of the palm (halfway between the wrist and the base of the middle finger) is an accurate representation of the age of 40 on the Fate Line. Any point on the Fate Line below that represents an age that is less than 40. And, any point above that represents an age greater than 40. The base of the middle finger represents the age of 80.

Since some life events indicated on the Fate Line have already happened, you can estimate which marking indicates which life event. In this way, you can make a more accurate Timeline of the specific Fate Line you are studying.

Remember that this is only my own experience with reading the Fate Line. The most popular system associates the age of 35 to the point where the Fate Line crosses the Head Line. I have often noticed that this is practically wrong when I do any palm reading.

Length of the Fate Line

Sometimes the Fate Line is very long and sometimes it is very short. There is no typical length or shape of this line. It can start almost anywhere on the palm. But, it has to end under the middle finger in order to be called a Fate Line. The longer the Fate Line, the more important is the professional life.

Ending of the Fate Line

When the Fate Line ends close to the Head Line, it is a sign that the person is going to retire early. Or he or she might be less interested in working hard after the age of 50. Most probably the person would have the family life as the main focus especially if there are Children Lines on the palm.

Sometimes, the Fate Line is extremely long reaching the very base of the middle finger. Thus, it indicates a person who would rather keep working and never retire. Ambition rather than family life would be the main focus after the age of 50. In most cases, the person with such a long Fate Line would have no children or the children would be physically and emotionally distant.

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