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Fish Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Fish Animal Totem Symbolism

Each fish has an extensive list of symbolic properties and individual traits unique to it. However, there are several general interpretations that apply to the species in general, such as a sense of eternity, fertility, joy, changes and knowledge, to name just a few. To fully comprehend the symbolic meanings of the fish, though, we must first understand the strong implications of water.

The Fish animal totem allow us to connect with water, the most creative and mysterious element of our world. Since ancient times, it symbolized the depth of our subconscious and knowledge. There is an entire unknown and secret world beneath its surface, concealing all that is unknown to us who cannot fully explore it.

We can never know even a portion of what goes on in the depths of the oceans and seas and are still surprised and awed by what we find there.

For us, it symbolizes all that exists in the life that is obscure: things that prevail without being seen. Additionally, it is considered the womb of the Earth, an icon of fertility, birth, and femininity.

Fish Associated Traits

Eternal, Happiness, Changes, Feminine, Rebirth


Symbolic Meaning Of Fish

Throughout ancient mythology, water was an important element, associated with both fear and disaster as well as life and potency. Floods were considered highly symbolic of the gods’ wishes, sometimes occurring as a punishment and a demonstration of the their strength and power.

Water also produced life after tragedy and was thus both highly revered and feared. Since fish call this element home, it should come as no shock that various ancient cultures held dear the symbolic meaning of fishes. In Greek and Roman mythology, Aphrodite and Heros transfigured themselves into fish in order to escape the grips of the dreaded Typhon, causing the animal  spiritual totem to become a symbol of transformation and change.

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Eastern Indian beliefs followed a similar route of belief after Vishnu transformed himself into a fish to save the world during a great flood. He guided a boat of survivors to safety so that they could re-create the destroyed world. Some Eastern African cultures also trusted in the life-giving powers of fish, saying that the creator planted seeds from which two fish erupted.

The fish serves as a symbol of abundance in the Christian bible, as Jesus fed thousands with only a few of them. The New Testament also characterizes mankind as fish swimming in the abyss of sin and waiting to be saved by the disciples, who were fishermen. Buddhists simply believe the fish to be a symbol of happiness and freedom.

Various Pagan traditions also recognized the feminine fertility of fish and deemed it an attribute of the Goddess. As the constant flow of water represented the Divine Mother and all her power, the fish and other creatures of the water all played important roles in her plan.

From the fish symbolism, ancient Celts interpreted meanings of inspiration, infinite wisdom, inspiration, and prophecy. They thought that by eating fish, they, too, would be filled with wisdom. In China, fish serves as a great symbol of unity and fidelity and figurines are often given in pairs as a wedding gift to bless he newlyweds’ marriage.

The Fish meaning additionally symbolize abundance in procreating for females, as fish are capable of reproducing at great speeds, and thus act as a wishing of good luck for the bride in her imminent duties as a wife. Lastly, Norse mythology associated determination and adaptability with the fish, which played a crucial role in their daily lives.

When the fish animal totem comes swimming into your life, it is signaling the awakening of one of the senses, which allows you to be in greater contact with your spiritual side. A downward swimming fish symbolizes the twisting of the spirit, while a fish moving upstream denotes that your soul is evolving.

Fish as a spirit guide know how to cope with changing currents and thus assist us in dealing with large changes in our own lives. They can see clearly in the dirty, murky waters and are symbolic of us looking through the hard times in order to envision a bright future.

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