Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sports Astrology Predictions – Super Bowl Example

Astrology Forecasts for Sports and Games

I’ve been actively researching and using the game time chart for sports events for over a year. It’s gone well and been successful in a wide variety of games, whether football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. The key is to stick to a few core guidelines, and then add in a few outer planet details as my experience has guided me. So below is an example chart from the Super Bowl:

Just applying systematic methods and a bit of wisdom will stack the odds in your favor over time.

In general, the bigger the game, the more likely the chart predictions work out. But the bottom line is that it is still working on a day to day basis in the major sports leagues. Then once you figure out the predicted winner, you have to marry that knowledge with a sense of proper betting strategy. Anyway, Pitt was favored (Pitt -7) so they get the astrology signs on 1 and 10. Arizona gets 7 and 4. So Pitt is Sun and Venus. Arizona is Saturn and Mars. 1 and 7 are the core ones to focus on. 10 and 4 count too but typically not as strong or influential.

The chart is at the exact kickoff time. The NFL is consistent about kickoffs throughout the year. Usually, it’s 0-2 minutes from the actual scheduled time. Monday Night games and the Super Bowl are way off and you have to either guess if you’re going to bet in advance or do live in-game betting to wait for the known time.

The first order of business, is there any big action at the angles? Not really. The Sun (Pitt) is dominating house 7 (Az) if it were closer, but 5.5 degrees is way too far. You’ll see I’ve set up my wheel so that all antiscia are the black icons on the inside of the wheel. Here the anti-Sun is trapped in house 4 within 1 degree. This is of decent importance, but being inside house 4 (or 10)I’ve found isn’t as detrimental as being inside 1 or 7. So this hurts Pitt a bit here.

Moon aspects during the game? I only use 1st through 4th harmonics. Moon trine Pluto in 1.5 degrees. Moon with the outer planets is shaky, I’ve never found consistent results, but I bias a bit for helping the underdog. No notable antiscia aspects either. The Moon is opposite POF in about 5.5 degrees. Too bad for the Cardinals. I usually max out at 5 degrees. Further than that and it’s a no-go.

The real kicker is Neptune conjunct antiPOF. Anti POF plays a huge role in determining game outcomes. And over thousands of games, I’ve found Neptune conj Anti POF (same as anti-Nep conj POF) has been very consistent in really helping the favorite win the game. Perhaps not cover the spread, but win outright.

So what we had here was frankly not a great betting setup. A couple of small factors helping AZ, one big factor barely missing to help AZ, and one strong factor helping Pitt. Nothing super strong to convince either way, but I decided to take Arizona +7 (hey it’s the big game, fun to have a little bit on it) as it appeared they had enough helping to keep it tight, but to play safe as the Nept- POF connection was looking to help Pitt find a way to win.

As we know, Pitt did squeak by thanks to some generous officiating, and won 27-23 in the last minute, good for the Arizona +7 bet. Had the game started around 6 pm – 6.05 pm Az would have had a great chance to win. As it was they still nearly pulled it off.

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