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Important Symbols In Feng Shui

Important Symbols in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a beautiful art form that focuses on using the energy of the universe to promote good things in our lives such as health, wealth, wisdom, luck, and success. It harnesses that power by displaying and orienting the symbols of nature and man-made objects. While nature has a power all on it is own to restore and revitalize, certain important symbols in Feng Shui have a special kind of power and importance in Feng Shui.


These symbols relate to the aspects of the Bagua or the Feng Shui grid. Depending on the website or the book, these aspects or areas come under different titles, but they are all basically the same.

Each of them is their special part of it that they some symbols help that help to promote these positive things and promote good energy. This article will discuss two different sets of Feng Shui symbols.

There is one set that corresponds with the areas of the Bagua, and then there is a set of overall good symbols in Feng Shui. Let’s begin with covering the symbols that relate to the areas of the Bagua.


Important Symbols in Feng Shui

#1. Symbols For Family & Elders

This area focuses on relationships specifically with family as well as respect and strong health for elders. It also includes forgiveness and strong ties.

Family and elders is an area about growth and strengthening relationships as well as health. Objects that are tall and vertical denote strength and power, and living things help to display growth. Chinese Flowers, wood, pillars or columns, and dragons are all good examples of symbols for this part of the Bagua.


#2. Symbols For Creativity & Children

This part of the Bagua is concerned with relationships with children as well as fertility and childbirth. It represents joy and creativity as well.

Children and creativity are an area full of joy and playfulness. Images like rainbows, children, tigers, bells, and other toys are good symbols for this section.


#3. Symbols For Abundance & Prosperity

This area is focused on wealth and the increase of possessions whether physical or not. It includes good opportunities and luck as well.

For abundance and prosperity, moving objects or things in nature are important symbols. For example: fish, water, a sailing ship, wind chimes, kites, or flags. A moving object helps the chi to flow in a meandering direction which helps it to enter the space at its strongest! Valuable or prized objects or things that represent growth are also useful in attracting abundance and prosperity in Feng Shui. Therefore, things like coins, frogs, flowers, and wood are appropriate.


Important Symbols in Feng Shui

#4. Symbols For Knowledge & Wisdom

As one could guess, this area is focused on the gaining of knowledge and skills as well as the growth of wisdom. It is also about personal growth and strength of mind.

Knowledge and wisdom are two things that one cannot be without! In the home or the workspace try to keep one or more of these items in this area: books, rocks/stones, Feng Shui Buddha, symbols of earth or mountains, etc. These all show a type of “grounding” and represent gaining understanding.

#5. Symbols For Health & Well-Being

This section is about the physical well-being of a person as well as the health of their mind and their ability to live in balance.

Health and well-being is an extremely important part of life. Feng Shui is about living in balance and keeping peace of mind and strength To order to help bring that about, use these symbols in the home or work area: an image of the earth, a ceramic item, a lotus, or even an open space.

#6. Symbols For Fame & Reputation

This isn’t just about becoming famous. It’s about how one is perceived among friends, colleagues, and others. It focuses on one’s contributions to society or to groups they’re a part of. And if they’re recognized for those contributions.

The sector of fame and reputation is related to the act of illumination. Therefore, objects that shine or shimmer or represent light/fire are used when trying to encourage good fame and a positive reputation. Things like wood (linked to fire), mirrors, good lighting, sun, stars, and candles are all good symbols for this part of the Bagua.

Important Symbols in Feng Shui

#7. Symbols For Career

Not only does this section represent one’s actual career, but it also focuses on one’s true purpose and where they’re headed in their life path.

The career seccauseat causes a lot of strain. People want to be successful, but sometimes they lose sight of finding their true purpose in life. So, symbols for this section are intended to help bring clarity to that foggy area. Mirrors, water, metal, turtles, and Feng Shui crystals are all important symbols for identifying career focus and earning success in one’s career in general.

#8. Symbols For Helpful People & Travel

This part represents the guidance and support given by loved ones or those who are of assistance. It also focuses ravel and leaving relationships behind and moving on from that.

The area of helpful people and travel is about encouraging guidance, support, and the freedom that travel brings to life. So, images of different countries, maps, hands, angels, and planets, stars are all images and symbols that represent either travel or “helping hands”.

#9. Symbols For Relatiand Loves & love

Lastly, there is this section. This one focuses on all relationships but also specifically on romantic ones. It’s about fostering healthy relationships that bring strength and hope.

Symbols in the area of relationships and love all denote companionship, strength, love, and tenderness. So, pairs of anything are always an appropriate symbol. Also, mirrors, flowers, dragons, phoenixes phoenixes, and mandarin ducks are important symbols of relationships and love.

Each part of the Bagua has its symbols and objects that people can place to attract the good things from that sector to their own lives and their However overall Feng Shui symbols ares that are important to the art form, and many of them have been mentioned in previous articles. These symbols are as follows:

Feng Shui Symbols

– Bamboo: a symbol of health and longevity

Feng Shui Coins: a symbol of wealth and prosperity

– The Crane: a symbol of long life

– The Dragon: a symbol of power, strength, wisdom, and protection

– The Money Frog or the Three-Legged Toad: used to attract wealth and abundance

– The Laughing Buddha: a symbol that brings joy and prosperity

– The Lotus: known for its strength and purity, this is a symbol of life, power, and love

– Goldfish or Koi Fish: symbols for good luck and abundance or wealth

– Mandarin Duck: a symbol for relationships and lasting love

– Peonies: symbols for love, beauty, and relationship happiness (Read about flowers in Feng Shui)

– A Sailing Ship: aofmbol for opportunity and wealth

– Tiger symbolizes protection

Foo Dogs also symbolize protection

– Turtle/Tortoise: another symbol for longevity and health

Feng Shui can be quite complex to understand with its different meanings for objects or non-tangible things. But its connection to nature the true understanding of self and the relationship to the universe is what makes it so attractive. There are almost innumerable symbols in Feng Shui, and depending on where one goes or the research one does, the list of symbols can lengthen or change.

But, the beauty of Feng Shui is that it all ties together. It all goes back to the Feng Shui map, or the Bagua, where each sector of life is shown, and each symbol has its place and its representation. Begin the research and start adding positive and important Feng Shui symbols to the home or the workplace today!

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