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Flowers In Feng Shui

Flowers in Feng Shui

Whether it’s on rolling hills, fields, gardens, or even a house plant pot, flowers are a wonderful and refreshing enrichment to any area. So, one should be aware of each flower to use them correctly and in the correct situation. Here is a description of several different flowers in Feng Shui and the vibe they give off.


They have been used for centuries to adorn, beautify, to energize living spaces, and especially to give to people to help show life, bring life, and bring revitalization. Just think of the feeling that is aroused when walking in a beautiful garden, or wandering in a meadow full of lush and beautiful flowers. Flowers uplift and purify, transmitting the beauty of perfection by simply being themselves.

Remember the feeling, ladies, of receiving the first bouquet from a crush or a boyfriend and how it showed such life and brought such happiness. The enjoyment of flowers crosses across every culture, and all humans can appreciate the brightness and calm beauty of a flower.

As it may already be obvious, flowers are an important symbol in Feng Shui and can be used to bring energy and life. But, it is wise to note that each flower has its meaning and brings a different kind of energy. Flowers can be used inappropriately, and if so, bad chi will arise.


Flowers in Feng Shui

#1. Peony

The Peony flower is representative of youth and female beauty. It is used to help relationships (reawaken the spark) and to help single people find love and romance. It is especially auspicious if pink and if placed in the living room. Couples looking to enhance their romance can add red peonies to the living room, but it should not be included in the Feng Shui bedroom, because it is sometimes connected with inspiring affairs.


#2. Orchid

The Orchid flower is a flower of symmetry, and therefore it is the symbol of perfection and in the past, it has been a symbol of fertility. People who want to encourage perfection in their lives in all areas will want to add this flower to their living or workspace. It helps to inspire abundance, purity, success, and growth.


#3. Chrysanthemum

There is some debate about the meaning of the Chrysanthemum flower, but it will always bring a positive energy. It is linked to luck as well as a long and happy life. It is easily found at any floral shop, and is a wonderful addition to any home!

#4. Flowering Branches

Flowering branches of any kind, especially dogwood, cherry, apple, peach, and other similar trees should be placed in the living room to usher in freshness and help provide strength energy, and the power to overcome obstacles. They are a powerful form of flower, and they help energize people to begin something new when it gets a bit stressful!


Flowers in Feng Shui

#5. Narcissus

For those looking for career success and an increase in wealth, the narcissus is the flower of choice. For wealth, a gold-colored narcissus would be appropriate, but a white narcissus applies to career aspirations. Be sure to use the appropriate color for the appropriate situation. Narcissus is also an excellent choice to provide for a grieving family or a person who is ill.

#6. Lotus

The lotus flower is the ultimate symbol of perfection, similar to an orchid. Buddha is often shown meditating on a lotus flower. This flower pushes through muddy water and blooms and therefore shows its power to “rise above”. It brings good fortune, enlightenment, and unlimited success. It is a good choice when looking for a flower to display.

Feng Shui Color Symbolism In  Flowers

Not only do each of these flowers have a meaning and a special energy, but the use of color is also important. A lot of people don’t know about the importance of color, in all areas of life, but with flowers, it can send the wrong message or the wrong energy! For example, red is more for a long enduring love as opposed to a new relationship, and one should also not bring red flowers to someone who is ill. Purple and gold are helpful for those wishing to increase their wealth and career success. White is to give to those who are ill or grieving. Yellow pink and other light colors are appropriate to give in new relationships and friendships.

Uses Of Flowers

Besides being used for display, flowers can be used for many different kinds of things. They can be eaten and added to perfume or makeup, and they can also be used in cleaning and bathing and other types of toiletries. Many times, flowers are added to lotions, creams, and bath essential oils. In the past, rose water was used to cleanse and freshen, especially for women. Flowers were and are regarded with a kind of sacredness. They have such a special power that we as humans, throughout time, have tried to pull out and use for our health and enjoyment. It is essential to use flowers properly.

  • Offer them as gifts or as tools to help lift the spirits and the energy of the receivers.
  • Place petals into a bath to enjoy a fresh aroma and a warm cleansing experience that revitalizes.
  • Place them in the living room to be enjoyed by all and to bring fresh and positive chi into the home.
  • Grow them in the garden to add value to the home as well as beauty. The more beautiful one believes their living space is, the more they will enjoy living there and feel a wonderful energy.
  • Don’t incorporate dried flowers into the home or living space. They don’t display or emit a lively/positive energy and will bring a stagnant, lifeless chi.

Growing Flowers

Keep these things in mind when deciding how to use flowers in the home and the workspace. Most of the time people will want to use flowers on the inside and outside of the home, but it wouldn’t be useless to add them to the office as well! Bringing a bit of nature indoors, whether it is flowers or not, always liven up the energy of the office and will help everyone who comes into contact with it to feel peace and happiness.

Since buying flowers on a daily or even a weekly basis can get a bit expensive, why not consider growing them in the backyard garden? It would take a bit of effort to garden and maintain, but the reward would be ultimately satisfying. The flowers are slaves to all the seasons, but in the appropriate months, using one’s flowers produced by one’s labor can bring an even more enjoyable energy when used in the home.

Some people may think that flowers are going a bit out of fashion, but remember, the enjoyment of these beauties is appreciated by people from all cultures and all walks of life! Use these to reconnect with nature and enjoy the energy and life it brings. Head out to the florist or the back garden today!

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