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January 1 Famous Birthdays

January 1 Famous Birthdays

Do you know lots of famous people BORN ON JANUARY 1st, share your birthday with you. Find their names here. They are a sexy, strong-minded and an influential Capricorn. In a nutshell, people want to be them. With everything they have going on, I couldn’t imagine why they are afraid to fail.

Famous people born on January 1st are an inspiration to all. They have the influence to excite others as they are a natural trailblazer with exceptional organizational skills. Famous people have the ability to make something out of nothing.


Famous Birthdays that you share, are typically not like anyone else you know. They see things differently and with a positive attitude. However, the rich and famous people born on January 1st can be isolated when things don’t go as planned. So they should not be so hard on themselves but maintain goals that are within their reach.


Life is not always perfect… not even for you, your friend or the famous. They should try to stay grounded while in love or when it comes to the expectations of others. This will prevent their dreams or ideals from being deflated.

January 1 individuals could possibly be a charming. Capricorns usually have powerful sex appeal that could intimidate the average bear. They own great responsibility as people aspire to be like those famous people born on January 1st.


January 1st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

January 1 Good Traits:

  • Leader
  • Charming
  • Independent
  • Original

1st January Bad Traits:

  • Impulsive
  • Angry
  • Fear Of Losing
  • Tight Lipped


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January 1st Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Morris, 1991, Comedian
Aaron Perry, 1815, Politician
Abby McGrew, 1984, Family Member
Abdul Ahad Mohmand, 1959, Astronaut
Abdul Hamid, 1944, World Leader
Ahmad Kaddour, 1982, Boxer
Ahmad Shukeiri, 1908, Politician
Ahmed Yassin, 1937, Politician
Aishwarya Dhanush, 1982, Director
Akira Amano, 1973, Cartoonist
Alassane Ouattara, 1942, Politician
Alberta Gay, 1913, Family Member
Albie Selznick, 1959, Movie Actor
Aleko Konstantinov, 1863, Novelist
Alex McKenna, 1984, Movie Actress
Alexander Masson, 1993, Model
Alexandrea Garza, 1992, YouTube Star
Alfred Stieglitz, 1864, Photographer
Ali Ahmad Said, 1930, Poet
Alicia Douvall, 1980, Reality Star
Alick Macheso, 1968, Rock Singer
Allen McKenzie, 1960, Guitarist
Ally Carter, 1974, Young Adult Author
Almudena Fernandez, 1977, Model
Alpha Blondy, 1953, Reggae Singer
Alvin Leung, 1961, Chef
Amanda Billing, 1976, Soap Opera Actress

Andre Marie Mbida, 1917, Politician
Andrea Lowe, 1975, TV Actress
Andreas Pereira, 1996, Soccer Player
Andrew Simpson, 1989, TV Actor
Anna Burke, 1966, Politician
Anthony Wayne, 1745, War Hero
April R, 1982, Blogger
Arthur Hugh Clough, 1819, Poet
Artur Rodzinski, 1892, Conductor
Ashleigh Defty, 1995, Reality Star
Austin Scarlett, 1983, Fashion Designer
B Kliban, 1935, Cartoonist
Barbara Baxley, 1923, Movie Actress
Barbara Moraff, 1939, Poet
Barry Goldwater, 1909, Politician
Bay Brooks, 1997, Country Singer
Becky Kellar-Duke, 1975, Hockey Player
Ben Price, 1972, TV Actor
Benjamin Holt, 1849, Entrepreneurjanuary-1st-birthday
Betsy Ross, 1752, Entrepreneur
Bob Menendez, 1954, Politician
Bobby Roode, 1977, Wrestler
Boz Burrell, 1946, Bassist
Brian Hutton, 1935, Director
Brian Ross, 1960, Race Car Driver
Brody Dalle, 1979, Punk Singer
Brooks Forester, 1984, Reality Star
Bruce Croxon, 1964, Entrepreneur
Bryan Thao Worra, 1973, Poet
Callum Jackson, 2000, Pop Singer
Carmen Ejogo, 1973, Movie Actress
Carole Landis, 1919, Movie Actress
Caroline Jones, 1938, TV Show Host
Carrie Wong, 1994, TV Actress
Caryn Jones, 2000, YouNow Star
Cassie Patten, 1987, Swimmer
Catherine Drinker Bowen, 1897, Non-Fiction Author

Cecilio Baez, 1862, Politician
Ceil Chapman, 1912, Fashion Designer
Cesar Baldaccini, 1921, Sculptor
Charlee Conley, 1986, Bassist
Charles Bickford, 1891, Movie Actor
Charles Melvin Price, 1905, Politician
Charlie Fellows, 1997, Gymnast
Charlie Munger, 1924, Entrepreneur
Chilla Jones, 1987, Rapper
Chip Hoch, 1993, Vine Star
Chiune Sugihara, 1900, War Hero
Chris Hall, 1987, Football Player
Chris Marshall, 1991, DJ
Chris Potter, 1971, Saxophonist
Christi Paul, 1971, TV Show Host
Christina Chong, 1983, TV Actress
Christopher Chronic, 1990, DJ
Christopher McCrory, 1993, Model
CJ Young, 1968, Hockey Player
Claire Robinson, 1978, TV Show Host
Clare Calbraith, 1974, TV Actress
Colin Morgan, 1986, TV Actor
Country Joe McDonald, 1942, Rock Singer
Craig Reucassel, 1977, Comedian
Dallas Keuchel, 1988, Baseball Player
Dana Andrews, 1909, Movie Actor
Daniel Haye, 1991, YouTube Star
Danny Lloyd, 1973, Movie Actor
Danny Wilson, 1960, Soccer Coach
Darius Slay, 1991, Football Player
Dashni Murad, 1986, Pop Singer
Dave Martin, 1935, Screenwriter
Dave Silk, 1958, Hockey Player
Dave Steezy, 1995, Rapper
David AdannaDavid, 1986, YouTube Star

David Nalbandian, 1982, Tennis Player
David Shaber, 1929, Screenwriter
Davor Suker, 1968, Soccer Player
Dawid Kwiatkowski, 1996, Pop Singer
Dean Greyling, 1986, Rugby Player
Dedee Pfeiffer, 1964, TV Actress
Deepa Mehta, 1950, Director
Denise Stapley, 1971, Reality Star
Dennis O’Driscoll, 1954, Poet
Derrick Thomas, 1967, Football Player
Devlet Bahceli, 1948, Politician
Diahnne Abbott, 1945, Movie Actress
Diamond White, 1999, R&B Singer
Diana Veras, 1996, Model
Dick Hodgins Jr., 1950, Cartoonist
Doak Walker, 1927, Football Player
Domoto Koichi, 1979, Pop Singer
Don Novello, 1943, TV Actor
Donia Samir Ghanem, 1985, Movie Actress
Doughboy Roc, 1980, Rapper
Duncan Barrett, 1983, Memoirist
Duncan Shields, 1983, Journalist
Dwight Taylor, 1902, Screenwriter
Earl Sinks, 1940, Country Singer
Ed Subitzky, 1943, Cartoonist
Eddy Ben Youssef, 1993, Reality Star
Eden Riegel, 1981, TV Actress
Edita Vilkeviciute, 1989, Model
Egidio Arevalo, 1982, Soccer Player
Eiichiro Oda, 1975, Cartoonist
Eileen Joyce, 1908, Pianist
Elin Nordegren, 1980, Model
EM Forster, 1879, Novelist
Emma Donovan, 1981, R&B Singer
Emmanuel Jal, 1980, Activist
Ennio Emmanuel, 1989, World Music Singer
Erika Medina, 1985, TV Actress
Erika Saccone, 1998, YouTube Star
Ernest Hollings, 1922, Politician
Ernest Tidyman, 1928, Screenwriter
Ernie Fosselius, 1945, Director
Essaid Belkalem, 1989, Soccer Player
Ethan White, 1991, Soccer Player
Eva Ras, 1941, Movie Actress
Evan Cole, 1961, Entrepreneur
Evangelos Venizelos, 1957, Politician
Ezina LeBlanc, 1970, Comic Book Artist
Fernando Tatis, 1975, Baseball Player
Fiona Phillips, 1961, Journalist
FR David, 1947, Pop Singer
Francis Lorenzo, 1960, Movie Actor
Frank Knox, 1874, Politician
Frank Langella, 1938, Movie Actor
Frank Minnifield, 1960, Football Player
Freddy E, 1991, Rapper
Frederick Wiseman, 1930, Director
Gaafar Nimeiry, 1930, Politician
Gabe Sipos, 2002, Movie Actor
Gabriel Jarret, 1970, Movie Actor
Gail Zappa, 1945, Family Member
Garrett Gomez, 1972, Horse Jockey
Gary Johnson, 1953, Politician
Gia Coppola, 1987, Director
Gilbert Brule, 1987, Hockey Player
Gina Berriault, 1926, Novelist
Glen Davis, 1986, Basketball Player
Gonzalo Sanchez Salas, 1996, Movie Actor
Grandmaster Flash, 1958, Rapper
Grant Goodman, 2000, Movie Actor
Grzegorz Panfil, 1988, Tennis Player
Gulcin Tunçok, 1992, TV Actress
Gustave Whitehead, 1874, Pilot
Guy Mezger, 1968, MMA Fighter
Hamad Bin khalifa al Thani, 1952, Royalty
Hamish Kennard, 1992, YouTube Star
Hamza Yusuf, 1960, Teacher
Hank Greenberg, 1911, Baseball Player
Hazar Erguclu, 1992, TV Actress
Heda Patrick, 1999, Movie Actress
Henry Molleston, 1762, Politician
Holly Ramsay, 2000, Family Member
Huey, 1989, Rapper
Huldrych Zwingli, 1484, Religious Leader
Iain Crichton Smith, 1928, Poet
Ibrahim Tatlises, 1952, Pop Singer
Idi Amin, 1925, Politician
Ismail al-Faruqi, 1921, Philosopher
Ivan Lackovic, 1932, Painter
Ivica Dacic, 1966, Politician
J Edgar Hoover, 1895, Law Enforcement Officer
Jack Ramsay, 2000, Family Member
Jack Wilshere, 1992, Soccer Player
Jacki Randall, 1959, Cartoonist
Jaja Wachuku, 1918, Politician
Jake Yip, 1998, eSports Player
James Fannin, 1804, War Hero
James O’Barr, 1960, Comic Book Artist
James Reeb, 1927, Civil Rights Leader
James Sinegal, 1936, Entrepreneur
Jane Doe, 1987, Rapper
Jasimuddin, 1903, Poet
Jasmine Dustin, 1983, TV Actress
Jason Gann, 1971, TV Actor
Jason Pierre-Paul, 1989, Football Player
Javed Hashmi, 1948, Politician
JavierNathaniel, 1994, YouTube Star
Jawed Karim, 1979, Entrepreneur
JD Salinger, 1919, Novelist
Jeanne Lanvin, 1867, Fashion Designer
Jeff Carter, 1985, Hockey Player
Jeremy Irvine, 1990, Movie Actor
Jerry Robinson, 1922, Cartoonist
Jerry Yan, 1977, World Music Singer
Jessa Kinter, 2003, Instagram Star
Jesse Brand, 1976, Songwriter
Jessica Jarrell, 1995, R&B Singer
Jessica Wesson, 1982, TV Actress
Jim Bamber, 1948, Cartoonist
Jim Pitts, 1947, Politician
Jim Sterling, 1984, YouTube Star
Jimi Mistry, 1973, Movie Actor
Jimmy Hart, 1944, Wrestler
Joan Vizcarra, 1967, Cartoonist
Jody Latham, 1982, TV Actor
Joe Cannon, 1975, Soccer Player
Joe Orton, 1933, Playwright
Joey Stefano, 1968,
John Digweed, 1967, DJ
John Francis Mitchell, 1928, Entrepreneur
John Fuller, 1937, Poet
John Kingsley Orton, 1933, Playwright
John Paul Tremblay, 1968, TV Actor
John Salter, 1991, eSports Player
John Smith, 1580, Explorer
John Wilkins, 1614, Essayist
Jon Flanagan, 1993, Soccer Player
Jona Weinhofen, 1983, Guitarist
Jonah Peretti, 1974, Entrepreneur
Jonas Armstrong, 1981, TV Actor
Jonathan Waxman, 1950, Chef
Jordan Ozuna, 1990, Family Member
JR Rotem, 1975, Music Producer
Jules Horn, 1990, Model
Juliana Harkavy, 1985, TV Actress
Juri Manase, 1975, TV Actress
Kala Sosefina Mileniume Kauvaka, 2000,
Kalabhavan Mani, 1971, Movie Actor
Kamaal Rashid Khan, 1975, Movie Actor
Katherine Philips, 1632, Poet
Kathleen Casey, 1946,
Kathryn Thomas, 1979, TV Show Host
Katrina Law, 1985, TV Actress
Keisha Epps, 1970, R&B Singer
Ken Carter, 1959, Basketball Coach
Kenichi Ebina, 1974, Dancer
Kerrie Roberts, 1985, Rock Singer
Kim Jong-su, 1977, Sports Shooter
Kimberly Page, 1970, Wrestler
Kirk Jarvinen, 1967, Cartoonist
Klaus Junge, 1924, Chess Player
Koji Yakusho, 1956, Movie Actor
Kornelije Kovac, 1942, Composer
Kris Lemche, 1978, TV Actor
Kristijonas Donelaitis, 1714, Poet
Kutt Calhoun, 1977, Rapper
Kuzman Shapkarev, 1834, Scientist
Lara Robinson, 1998, TV Actress
Larry Butler, 1957, Darts Player
Larry Nance, Jr., 1993, Basketball Player
Laura Bambrough, 1967, Fashion Designer
Laura Lejeune, 1994, YouTube Star
Lauren Silverman, 1977, Family Member
Lee Sungmin, 1986, Pop Singer
Leon Isaac Kennedy, 1949, Movie Actor
Liang Chow, 1968, coach
Lilian Thuram, 1972, Soccer Player
Linda Henry, 1963, Soap Opera Actress
Lisa Roberts Gillan, 1965, Movie Actress
Lorenzo de’ Medici, 1449, World Leader
Louise Pitre, 1957, Stage Actress
Luke Rodgers, 1982, Soccer Player
Madolyn Smith Osborne, 1957, Movie Actress
Maeve Dermody, 1985, Movie Actress
Maile Malloy, 1972, Novelist
Manuel Baquedano, 1823, War Hero
Manuel Roxas, 1892, World Leader
Maria Edgeworth, 1767, Children’s Author
Maria Louise Rame, 1839, Novelist
Mario Merz, 1925, Painter
Mark Beaumont, 1983, Cyclist
Mark Beyer, 1950, Cartoonist
Mark Davis, 1957, Radio Host
Mark L Young, 1991, TV Actor
Mark Wingett, 1961, Soap Opera Actor
Markoolio, 1975, Pop Singer
Martin Espada, 1957, Poet
Martin Plaza, 1956, Metal Singer
Marvin Camras, 1916, Scientist
Mary Beard, 1955, Blogger
Mary Sweeney, 1953, Film Producer
Mateja Vukasinovic, 2001, Pop Singer
Mati Unt, 1944, Novelist
Matt Watson, 1985, Soccer Player
Mattie Foxx, 1993, Metal Singer
Maura Gallagher, 1961, Family Member
Maurice Bejart, 1927, Dancer
Max Azria, 1949, Fashion Designer
Max Julien, 1945, Movie Actor
Maxine Doyle, 1915, Movie Actress
Meg Waite Clayton, 1959, Novelist
Megan McKenzie, 1980, Model
Melissa McClelland, 1979, Pop Singer
Melissa Milke, 1984, Pop Singer
Melvyn Hayes, 1935, TV Actor
Mersad Berber, 1940, Graphic Designer
Meryl Davis, 1987, Figure Skater
Michael Joseph Owens, 1859, Entrepreneur
Michael Malone, 1971, Basketball Coach
Michael Stewart, 1958,
Michele Mercier, 1939, Movie Actress
Migo Domingo, 1992, Rapper
Milo Aukerman, 1963, Punk Singer
Milt Jackson, 1923, Jazz Singer
Mirko Ilic, 1956, Illustrator
Mohammed Ghaddar, 1984, Soccer Player
Mohd Fadzli Saari, 1983, Soccer Player
Mona Amarcha, 1988, World Music Singer
Morris Chestnut, 1969, TV Actor
Moussa Dadis Camara, 1964, World Leader
Mr Lawrence, 1969, Voice Actor
Mutsuhiro Watanabe, 1918, Criminal
Nana Dzagnidze, 1987, Chess Player
Nana Patekar, 1951, Movie Actor
Nanette Lepore, 1964, Fashion Designer
Nathalie Andreani, 1970, Reality Star
Nathan Ramsay, 1992, Choreographer
Nelufar Hedayat, 1988, TV Show Host
Neville Dickie, 1937, Pianist
Nia Lovelis, 1997, Drummer
Nico Evers-swindell, 1979, Movie Actor
Nicole Miller, 1952, Fashion Designer
Nina Bott, 1978, Soap Opera Actress
Noah Sierota, 1996, Bassist
Norbert Kuchinke, 1940, Film Producer
Olivia Ruiz, 1980, Pop Singer
Omar Al-Bashir, 1944, Politician
Onyeka Onwenu, 1952, Gospel Singer
Oren Williams, 1992, Movie Actor
Oscar Auerbach, 1905, Scientist
Ousmane Sembene, 1923, Novelist
Pablo Cuevas, 1986, Tennis Player
Panagiotis Giannakis, 1959, Basketball Player
Paolo Guerrero, 1984, Soccer Player
Patric Hornqvist, 1987, Hockey Player
Paul Bomani, 1925, Politician
Paul Revere, 1735, War Hero
Pearl Aday, 1975, Rock Singer
Per Hasselberg, 1850, Sculptor
Peyo Yavorov, 1878, Poet
Pierre De Coubertin, 1863, Historian
Pocahontas, 1595,
Polly Maberly, 1976, TV Actress
Pope Alexander VI, 1431, Religious Leader
Ramses Barden, 1986, Football Player
Ren Woods, 1958, TV Actress
Revelynne Pflederer, 2015, Family Member
Richard Colón, 1966, Dancer
Richard Edson, 1954, Movie Actor
Richard Gibson, 1954, TV Actor
Richard Roxburgh, 1962, Movie Actor
Rick Hurst, 1946, TV Actor
Rick J Jordan, 1968, Guitarist
Ricky Jay, 1948, TV Actor
Ridley Bent, 1979, Country Singer
Roberto Rivellino, 1946, Soccer Player
Rocky Graziano, 1919, Boxer
Roman Totenberg, 1911, Violinist
Ronald Meyer, 1944, Entrepreneur
Ronald Perelman, 1943, Entrepreneur
Rubens Sambueza, 1984, Soccer Player
Rudolfs Blaumanis, 1863, Poet
Rumer Noel, 1992, Dancer
Saad Ramadan, 1987, World Music Singer
Samantha Gradoville, 1990, Model
Sander Helmers-Olsen, 1996, Pop Singer
Sandor Petofi, 1823, Poet
Sardar Azmoun, 1995, Soccer Player
Sasha Agha, 1992, Movie Actress
Satyendra Nath Bose, 1894, Scientist
Scott Riggs, 1971, Race Car Driver
Seana Gorlick, 1991, Family Member
Sergei Avdeyev, 1956, Astronaut
Shane Duffy, 1992, Soccer Player
Sharon Small, 1967, TV Actress
Shaun Majumder, 1972, Comedian
Shaynna Blaze, 1963, Reality Star
Sheila McCarthy, 1956, Movie Actress
Sheila Mercier, 1919, Soap Opera Actress
Shelby Steele, 1946, Non-Fiction Author
Shih Kien, 1913, Movie Actor
Shinya Tsukamoto, 1960, Director
Shlomo Scharf, 1943, Soccer Coach
Simon Deering, 1972, TV Show Host
Sonali Bendre, 1975, Movie Actress
Sophie McShera, 1985, TV Actress
Stacey Earle, 1960, Songwriter
Stacy Martin, 1991, Movie Actress
Stanley Kamel, 1943, TV Actor
Stephanie Faracy, 1952, Movie Actress
Stephen Tulloch, 1985, Football Player
Steve Foley, 1959, Drummer
Susannah McCorkle, 1946, Jazz Singer
Susur Lee, 1958, Chef
Suzy Kendall, 1944, Movie Actress
Tameka Foster, 1971, Family Member
Tank, 1976, R&B Singer
Tariq Jameel, 1953, Teacher
Tawera Nikau, 1967, Rugby Player
Terri Sewell, 1965, Politician
That Poppy, 2001, Pop Singer
Tiago Splitter, 1985, Basketball Player
Tim Keefe, 1857, Baseball Player
Tom Barman, 1972, Director
Toni Ann Gisondi, 1975, Movie Actress
Tony Currie, 1950, Soccer Player
Tory Dent, 1958, Poet
Ty Brown, 1979, Country Singer
Ty Hardin, 1930, TV Actor
TYuS, 1996, Rapper
Ung Huot, 1945, World Leader
Verne Troyer, 1969, Movie Actor
Victor Ayala, 1988, Soccer Player
Vidya Balan, 1978, Movie Actress
Vildane Zeneli, 1987, Model
William Gay, 1985, Football Player
William Valdes, 1994, TV Actor
Wyncie King, 1884, Cartoonist
Xavier Cugat, 1900, World Music Singer
Yakusho Koji, 1956, Movie Actor
Yigit Bulut, 1972, Journalist
Yoji Harada, 1973, Tattoo Artist
Yuen Woo-Ping, 1945, Director
Ziad Rahbani, 1956, Composer
Zohar Zemiro, 1977, Runner

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