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10 Tips To Communicate Better With Your Boyfriend

10 Tips To Communicate Better With Your Boyfriend

At a complete loss for knowing what is happening inside your man’s head? Don’t even know how to breach the sticky subjects? Well, most of us women are in that same boat. But there are ways of making him talk. It just takes a little planning and maybe even more self-control. These relationship tips should help you get on your way to communicate better with your boyfriend.

#1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Ladies, learn to let the little things go. If it’s during work hours and he doesn’t respond to your text message, think logically and realize he’s most likely busy and not ignoring you. And even if he saw your message and couldn’t reply, be understanding. Think of times when you’ve been busy.

#2. Tell him you want him to listen

Let your boyfriend know you want to vent – that you aren’t looking for an answer or for him to save you. Sometimes you want his shoulder to cry on, but when men hear a problem, they start thinking that they have to figure out a way to fix it. And then they completely lose track of what you were saying.

#3. Get to the point

When you have something important to say, try to explain it as simply and efficiently as possible. Men have very short attention spans, and although they are trying to listen, you might be losing them in your 15-minute explanation of what’s bothering you. Just say it right away.

#4. Stop bringing the past into the present

Learn to forgive. If you are arguing about something today, don’t bring an issue from six months ago into the mix. That should have been addressed then, not now. How can you move forward in the relationship if you’re already starting from behind?

#5. Breathe

If something is bothering you, take a few deep breaths before expressing it. No one, woman or man, will progress towards a solution if the situation is a heated argument before it even starts.

#6. Resist the urge to scream at him

The same could be said for crying. If there is a severe issue, it is natural to have such emotions, but screaming your feelings will only anger him, and an outcry will only upset him. Both of which will keep you two from getting to the real issue in the relationship. More time will be spent reacting to each of your emotions than addressing the issue at hand.

#7. Always be respectful

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you during an argument. Ensure your boyfriend knows you respect him even if you’re fighting. Don’t belittle him. Instead, bring up your issue on familiar ground; otherwise, attacking his ego will get you nowhere. This goes for any argument and any relationship, platonic or romantic.

#8. Write your thoughts to communicate better with your boyfriend

If something is seriously bothering you, write it down. Let out all those emotions wrapped up in that issue on paper. Then, when the time comes to talk to your boyfriend, you can be much calmer and have a much better chance of getting through to him.

#9. Mean what you say

Men are far from mind readers. If you complain about him just sitting and watching TV when he gets home, but it bothers you because you feel like you aren’t spending enough quality time together, tell him the truth! Tell him you wish you would spend more quality time together instead of complaining about his TV watching habits and avoiding the real issue.

#10. Butter him up

Don’t forget to tell your man that you appreciate him. Let him know how much you love and care for him. The more anyone feels appreciated in a relationship, the more willing they are to work together to solve problems.

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