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Chinese Numerology

Chinese Numerology

The Chinese have always given much importance to numbers. Numbers are known to the Chinese to have special meaning for each individual. A number can show a person strengths as well as their weaknesses. Once known what the weaknesses are, a person can understand how to overcome them.

As a result the strengths of that number can be lifted. Every year also affects people differently. How has the year 2013 treated you? Will the years 2014-2015 be better for you? Numbers do have a power over you. Numbers predict what a person is like similar to their star sign.

With this Chinese numerology calculator, you can predict how your personality fits in with the kind of life you want or even the kind of life you do not want.  The occult study of numbers started about 4000 years ago for the Chinese.

Numbers have been believed to hold magical qualities that if understood can help one to avoid devastation and to help one to seek out greater fortune. Every number holds a vibration in the universe. Some vibrations are better suited with other vibrations. The calculations are found by date of birth. Your human nature is revealed from your number as well as your star sign is.

The Chinese have a chart report of a magic square that shows you the numbers that rule your life. In this analysis you will see your lucky number or most favorable number and your number of occurrence. You will also be shown your most favorable direction in life which would be north, south, east or west. A detailed description of your most favorable number is given.

Chinese Numerology

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