Symbols For Fathers

Symbols For Fathers

Parents make up the foundation of a person’s life. S0 it makes sense that cultures have associated specific symbols with them throughout history. Although fathers are all different and unique, there are some common themes that exist generally in the paternal archetypes.

While mothers and the maternal archetype are the more common of the parental legends, father symbolism is much less prolific. This is symbolic in and of itself. Fathers are often under-appreciated and are pushed to the sidelines. In one sense, this may seem unfair. However, with further inspection, it does make sense, as fathers are typically more present as background workers with more subtle, yet equally important roles.

Often times, they make up the solid foundation that holds up the entire family structure, in addition to acting as the enforcers, providers, and protectors. In a general sense, most fathers can be thought to symbolize things such as a separation of power and duties, assertion, regulation, logic, order, and rule. Additionally, dads can also be associated with stability, provision, and teaching. It is up to you and your individual experience to determine what your dad symbolized to you.


Symbolism Of Fatherhood

Fatherhood has traditionally male connotations, such as a strong and assertive type of energy. Their traits are typically in the realm of dominant characteristics that makes the family feel safe. This is probably because they have served multiple roles throughout history – they are very rarely just fathers. They have also been workers, friends, and soldiers, whereas women have typically remained in the home, at least throughout most of history. Consequently, when we examine symbols that are associated with fathers, we often see themes of provision and protection linked with their more paternal roles.

Fathers In Mythology

We can break down the most commonly observed symbols into three distinct categories: mythology, the animal kingdom, and nature in general. In most ancient mythologies, each of the male gods was a father to many. For example, the Greeks considered Cronus, the father of the Titans, as the parent of the first deities in all of Greece. Thus, he was somewhat seen as “the model father”.

A little to the West, the ancient Romans also had a father-like deity, Jupiter. As the god of the sky, he was considered the supreme deity and, thus, the father of civilization. Later, the Christians would recognize God as the ultimate father, as he was believed to be the parent of Christ. Other ancient cultures including Hindu, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, and Native American also put great value on their father figure gods.

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Father Symbolism In Animals

In the animal kingdom, we can also observe the divide between more feminine and maternal behaviors versus the paternal ones. Behavior and appearance are just a few of the elements that determine whether an animal is viewed as motherly or fatherly. The following animals are thought to govern the fatherly domain. First and foremost, we must remember that solar animals are thought to be masculine, while lunar animals are feminine.

It makes sense then that the solar eagle, ablaze with strength and energy, is a strong symbol of fathers. Additionally, the eagle was thought to be sacred in the eyes of the father gods Zeus and Jupiter, who were often depicted with them in art works. The falcon animal totem is another powerful bird that excels in hunting, providing, and protection and is thus considered very paternal in nature. Rounding out the most commonly accepted father animals is the mighty stag with its dominant antlers that can be used as both tool and/or weapons. This shows the diversity of utility that fathers possess and also symbolizes the wisdom and status that are obtained through aging and life experience.

Father Symbolism In Nature

The Sun : Symbol Of Fathers

As stated before, solar symbols are thought to be paternal. Obviously, then, the sun must be considered a direct symbol of fathers. With its radiating warmth, sense of giving, and crucial provision, the sun plays a role in numerous cultural myths regarding fathers.

Lightening As Father Symbolism

Similarly, lightning bolts are also believed to be connected with fathers. This is perhaps due to fathers’ wise and helpful intervention and lightning-fast instincts to protect their own. It was thought to be a major message from the great father by the Native Americans, as well. More generally, both of these objects appear in the sky, another great symbol of fathers. Expanding and pervasive, the sky watches over all. Additionally, the gods that represented fatherhood were housed there.

Dreams are not too difficult to understand if you know how to interpret the symbols in them. Like all other symbols, the appearance of fathers in your dreams has specific connotations. Fathers are meant to be the idols of their children, exercising a sensible nature and conveying a sense of responsibility.

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