Snail Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Snail Animal Totem Symbolism

Snails are slimy little creatures that don’t seem to do all that much. However, that doesn’t mean that the snail isn’t full of animal symbolism. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to the snail. This slow moving animal has symbolism that comes from the way it moves, some mythology from cultures from around the world. But most of the snail’s symbolism comes from its physiological make-up: what it looks like. This article will discuss all of these traits of the snail and explain how these traits add to the snail’s symbolic meanings.

Firstly, we will begin with the symbolism that surrounds the snail’s mythology and cultural importance. The shape the the snail and the curvature of the snail’s shell is the basis for most of its cultural background and importance. The spiral shape of the snail’s shell is a result of how the shell grows on the snail.

Unlike hermit crabs and other animals of the like, the snail animal totem grows its own shell instead of moving in and out of different shells as they grow. This on its own is a great symbol of adaptability, and of course, growth. The spiral on the shell has its own special significance though. The meaning of the spiral changes across cultures and time, but the snail’s spiral’s symbolic meaning is often similar to that of another’s culture.

For example, in ancient Egypt, the spiral was often used as a character in the ancient hieroglyphics. These were an array of symbols that were used as words or character that were used to tell stories, histories, and other things that writing is used for today. It is one of the oldest methods of written language, and this makes the significance of the snail’s spiral even more important.

The ancient Egyptians thought that the spiral was great at symbolizing several things, including expansion, thought, and evolution. On the other side of the planet, the ancient Aztec Indians also had important meanings for the snail and its spiral. The spiral itself represented the moon and moon phases. The snail spirit totem had meaning of its own, symbolizing fertility, time, and change.

Snail Associated Traits

Slow, Steady, Fertile, Time, Change, Adaptable, Flexible, Growth, Protective


Symbolic Meaning Of Snail

The physical features of the snail animal spirit may be able to provide the most valuable meaning to someone who is trying to get the most out of the snail’s symbolism.

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One of the most powerful physical parts of the snail in reality and in symbolism is the snail’s shell. We’ve already talked about how the spiral can influence the symbolism of the shell, and how the snail grows its own shell, but there is more to it than just that.

The snail’s shell is basically its only form of protection. It’s weak, squishy and slimy body would be defenseless without the snail’s hard shell. Because of this simple, but highly important feature, the snail symbol can represent protection and defense.

Another thing about the snail’s shell is that it doubles as the snail’s home. Because the snail makes its own shell, it carries it with it as long as it lives. This means that the snail is like a living mobile home. No matter where the snail goes, it is always at home. This can symbolize travel, safety, and self-reliance.

The snail animal totem has come a long way in this world by simply moving along slowly. This can show us that we don’t need to rush around to be safe. We need to work with what we have, just like the snail works with its shell. We can play to our own strengths just like the snail does every day.

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