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Eagle Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Eagle Animal Totem Symbolism

The Eagle in symbolism has long been associated with strength and independence. To most of the world it is recognizable as the freedom for which the United States of America was founded. But its history as a symbol of strength and vision goes back far beyond that. To the Native Americans, the Eagle represents the Great Spirit, the creator being recognized among many tribes.

The Eagle’s ability to fly breaks it free of the constraints of the ground, giving it freedom to go where it will. As such Eagle as a spirit guide can take us to places we need to be in order to progress, to learn the lessons it has for us. The great vision that the Eagle is blessed with and known for can help us see through the shrouds that hide what we most need to learn.

The ability to discern secrets is powerful in Eagle, though it most readily helps us see that which is really there, rather than what we want to see.

Eagle Associated Traits

Freedom, Mission, Manifest destiny, Great Spirit, Manifestation, Visionary


Symbolic Meaning Of Eagle

The method by which the Eagle hunts is from great distances above, and the moment it strikes with it ‘s powerful talons is of utmost importance to the success of its hunt. As such Eagle represents not just precision timing, but absolute accuracy in targeting its goal. With these powerful abilities granted from our animal totem, we will be able to pick the precise moment to act, and do so with confidence and authority.

When Eagle symbol comes into our lives, it does so bringing a powerful message with it. We can achieve more than we are, and we can rise above our current struggles on the wings of our Eagle guide. If our vision of Eagle shows it striking, then know that there is someone in your life who is a danger to your goals, and may choose to tread upon you and your goals to reach their own.

Eagle is a powerful spiritual totem, bringing clear vision to show us the hidden patterns in the world around us. They are right there for us to see, it tells us that we shall achieve the goals we are hunting through hard work and perseverance, and that our intuition should be trusted at this time.

Know also that due to its ties with the creator being of the Native Americans, Eagle brings us great creative power and ability. Use these gifts as they are brought to you.

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