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Eagle Spirit Animal Totem Meaning: A Great Definition Of Strength

Eagle Spirit Animal – A Symbol of Good Luck

The Eagle totem represents strength and independence. The United States considers it a sign of freedom. But its history as a symbol of strength and vision goes back far beyond that. The Eagle Spirit Animal represents a Great Spirit. This applies to the Native Americans.


The Eagle’s ability to fly breaks it free of the constraints of the ground. It gives it the freedom to go where it will. As such, Eagle as a spirit guide can take us to places we need to progress and learn the lessons it has for us. We are in a position to better understand important aspects of our lives thanks to the eagle’s great vision.


The ability to discern secrets is dominant in the Eagle spirit animal. However, it readily helps us see that which is there, rather than what we want to look at.

Eagle Associated Traits

Freedom, Mission, Manifest Destiny, Great Spirit, Manifestation, and Visionary.

What Is the Importance of The Eagle Totem?

An encounter with the Eagle spirit guide is a sign that you need to find perspective in life. Live positively and always focus on attracting light into your life. Do not worry when you fall because with hard work, determination, confidence, courage, and strength; you will rise and make great things out of your life.

Always focus on saving your energy. Invest in people and things that will have a positive impact on your life. The meaning of the Eagle totem encourages you to make sense of everything that is happening around you. Accept the bad with the good, and things will fall into place in your life.


Bald Eagle symbolism encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. Grab opportunities that present themselves in your life and make good use of them. The spiritual meaning of the Eagle is power, strength, might, and beauty. Be beautiful inside and out, and people will appreciate you, and you will also be able to appreciate yourself.

Eagle Spirit Animal

Symbolic Meaning Of Eagle

The method by which the Eagle hunts is from great distances above. Similarly, the moment it strikes with its powerful talons is of utmost importance to the success of its hunt. Consequently, the Eagle totem animal represents not just precision timing but absolute accuracy in targeting its goal. With these powerful abilities granted from our animal totem, we will pick a precise moment to act. Arguably, we tend to do so with confidence and authority.


When the Eagle totem animal comes into our lives, it does bring a powerful message with it. We can achieve more than what we are. Similarly, we can rise above our current struggles on the wings of our Eagle animal guide.

Eagle Prophetic Meaning

So, what does an eagle symbolize? Well, if you see an eagle in your dream, then know that someone is threatening your goals. They may choose to tread upon you and your goals to reach their own.

The eagle is a powerful spiritual totem. It brings a clear vision to show us the hidden patterns in the world around us. They are right there for us to see. It tells us that we shall achieve the goals we are hunting through hard work and perseverance. Moreover, it reveals that we should trust our intuition at this time.

All in all, it is worth noting that due to its ties with the creator of the Native Americans, Eagle brings us great creative power and ability. Therefore, make good use of its perceived gifts.

The Eagle Totem In Dreams

Dreaming about animals is not a bad thing. Such dreams enable us to understand the things that are happening in our conscience. What does dreaming about the Eagle animal totem signify? Dreaming of an Eagle could be a sign of nobility, pride, and strength. The free movements of the Eagle’s wings reveal that you are free to live a life that makes you happy.

Be proud of all your achievements and bring joy into your life. Such dreams are a sign that you need to hold yourself in high regard. You are better than you think, and you are capable of great things. Dreaming about a dead Eagle might mean that you will face some challenges in life, but you should be ready to get back on your feet and make things work in your favor.

Feeding an Eagle in your dreams means that you are ready to make good use of your skills and talents. Use them to make your life better and make the world a better place. Always employ your full potential in every situation.

Native American Eagle Symbolism

The Native Americans were spiritually rooted in the things that they believed in. They were sure that all they believed in had an impact on their lives. They took their spiritual lives seriously. The Golden Eagle and the Bald Eagle symbolize sacredness in Native American beliefs. These people believe that the Eagle, flying high in the sky, is the animal closest to the Creator.

The Eagle symbol is a sign of strength, courage, willingness to survive, wisdom, and persistence. The Eagle totem is a messenger to the Creator for the Native Americans. They believe that the Eagle delivers their messages and prayers to the Great Spirit of the spiritual realm.

The Eagle meaning is sacred for Native Americans, and they hold the same close to their hearts. While saying a prayer, they would hold an Eagle feather with the belief that the Creator will receive their prayers through the Eagle, who is their messenger to the Creator.

Christian Understanding of The Eagle

Biblically, God’s strength takes the form of an Eagle. In the Old Testament, God’s strength was mostly described by Eagle symbolism. In the Book of Exodus, there is a verse that goes, “……seen yourselves what I did to Egypt and how I carried you on Eagle’s wings and brought you to me.”

The spiritual meaning of the Eagle is well connected to the majestic traits of God and the great things that He is capable of doing to his people. The Psalmist also describes God’s strength using Eagle symbolism. God can renew His people and make them whole and give them the strength to fly higher as the Eagle mounted on its wings.

Eagle Spirit Animal: Conclusion

Seeing the Eagle totem is a sign that you need to make things right in your life. Focus on regaining strength and courage to overcome challenges. Never let anything pin you down. The Eagle symbol should encourage you to live your best life. Be persistent in life, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Never give up easily amid challenges.

Being that the Eagle is the strongest of all birds, you need to be strong and create a great future for yourself. Never give up in life until you have reached the level you want to be in.

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