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Morgan Fairchild

Birthday :

February 3, 1950

Birth Place :

Dallas, Texas, United States of America

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Morgan Fairchild seems to have a twin sister called Dolly Parton, though from another mother. Morgan rose to fame as a resounding actress in several NBC’s shows such as Nora Tyler Bing and Falcon Crest. Since her debut Fairchild doesn’t seem to retire soon; this is what she does for a living. Additionally, her earnings are up to the mark. The tremendous success is as a result of her dedication and hard work. Before fame, she had already appeared in countable of television commercials in Dallas. Read further to understand more about her early and later life.

Morgan’s Personality

Fairchild seems to love herself to the core. In other words, her outer appearance matters to her more than her attitude. Allow me to say that beauty is her main asset. At 67 years of age, Morgan still looks like a teenage girl. I wonder how she does that! Anyway, there is no miracle to it. Everybody loves her smooth feet and sexy legs, especially when she is in a bikini suit. Her perfect height matches perfectly with her weight. Don't tempt me to talk about her stunning curves; she is just desirable. But some sources say that she watches what she eats. Above all, she once admitted that she had undergone several plastic surgeries and cosmetic enhancements. That said Fairchild loves to embrace consistency and efficiency in whatever she does.


Childhood And Early Life

Patsy McClenny was born on February 3, 1950, in Dallas, Texas, the USA to an engineer, Edward and a teacher, Martha McClenny. At twelve years of age, Fairchild began to perform on stage. Before her 20s she competed for Miss Teenage Dallas at St, Joan but she was defeated after several rounds. She then opted to taste early marriage, and it is here that she got a pseudonym Morgan Fairchild. After spending several years in New York theaters, Fairchild was selected to appear on a television series-Search for Tomorrow.

Morgan moved to Los Angeles with hopes that she could come to make it even without having an agent. In two months’ time, she briefly appeared in a TV role and series called Dallas. She didn’t accept to be tied down to dramatic roles. She took her own time where she tried to polish her acting skills. It was here that she landed a sitcom role as well as television role. Her later roles included several series assignments such as The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood among others.


Later Career

Morgan’s cemented the world of fame early in the 1980s, all thanks to her dramatic roles in Flamingo Road film. The same year she appeared in countable movies including The Dream Merchants, Hotel, Street of Dreams, How to Murder a Millionaire, Into the Arms of Danger among others. From 1995 to 1996 she played a notable character in The City daytime drama. She then followed it up with Campus Man and Venus Rising. Other sitcoms cemented her acting career including Roseanne, Cybill, and Friends. She also partnered with Eddy Murphy in a sitcom called The Holy Man.


Personal Life And Achievements

Morgan’s own life is quite encouraging. The good thing is that she has allowed herself to overcome the lows. In 1967 Morgan married Jack Calmes after being in the courtship for a while. The couple was living as husband and wife till hell broke loose one day, and they opted to part ways. Afterward, she dated Mark Seiler in 1980 to date. Fairchild doesn't have a child of her own. She loves to upload her recent pictures on social networks where she shares her beauty with her fans. She is also an active member of several environmental groups such as Americans for AIDS Research. From 1982 to 1986 Morgan was recognized with several awards including The Soap Opera Digest Award, Razzie Award, Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award in the United States. Fairchild’s most adorable prize is her real trait in her work and social stance. She avails herself as someone who values control, accuracy and most of all high-end performance.

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