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Rock Singer

Huey Lewis

Birthday :

July 5, 1950

Birth Place :

New York City, New York, United States of America

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Huey Lewis is best known as a rock singer, actor, and lyricist. He is the leading singer of the famous band known as Huey Lewis and the News. At his tender age, Huey learned how to play the harmonica. He gained interest in a music industry where he started to write his songs and making music. As time passed, he began to perform as well as recording his songs. This turned him into a star in the 70s. Before forming his band; Lewis spent his musical career with Clover group. With a successful career that has lasted for over a decade, Lewis talent is recognized far and beyond. The said talent allowed him to garner several awards. He is still energetic and always eager to entertain his fans. According to sources, Lewis tends to tour in over 100 countries in one years’ time. His band partners with other acclaimed singers to entertain fans.

Lewis Personality

Huey Lewis seems to possess an out of world ability that gives him a chance to view life from a different angle. At times Huey can act clingy but in a caring and loving demeanor. This kind of persona fulfills his need hence feeling more secure both financially and emotionally. Just like a genuinely loyal man, Lewis is no more than aspiring, attentive and hardworking. He prefers a hobby that is related to arts and entertainment. During his teenage life, he served as a wedding planner, carpenter and as a landscaper. When not busy, he likes to stay at home or catch up with friends. Above anything else, Huey tries as much as possible to avoid any second thoughts or doubts.

Huey Lewis also hates to be criticized, and boredom is something that is out of his dictionary. An empathic and resourceful persona tends to haunt Lewis like a plague. This gives him a chance to employ success. When busy, Lewis hates any distraction because he seems as if you are trying to test his patience. The good thing is that he knows how to control his emotions. In that case, it is very hard to quarrel with this kind of personality.


Childhood And Early Life

On 5 July 1950 Huey Lewis was born in New York City in the U.S to Magda Lewis and Hugh Anthony Cregg Jr. His father served as a doctor. At 13 years of age, Lewis parents divorced due to constant disagreement. For this reason, he went to spend his childhood life in Marin County, California. It was here that he joined Strawberry Point Elementary School and Edna Maguire Elementary School. He later graduated from Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Throughout his education, Lewis turned into a guru. It was here that he was given valid permission to join Cornell University in New York. However, Lewis took some tour across the U.S and Europe where he gained interest in the music industry. In the process, he took extra time where he self-taught himself how to play harmonica. Afterward, he accepted his admission at Cornell University where he majored in engineering. After all the hard work and studies, he lost all by turning into a promising singer. This is where he teamed up with a band named  Slippery Elm.



Early in 1971, Huey Lewis joined a musical band called Clover. He took his position where he played his harmonica as well as singing. Other members included: Sean Hopper, Marcus David, Mickey Shine, John Ciabatta and Alex Call.
After several years Clover band moved to Los Angeles where they went to further their musical talent. The bad landed countable invites in clubs and local towns. In the course of knowing the Los Angeles town, they met with a musical legend, Nick Lowe. Since Nick was a notable figure, he gave the band a chance to tour to the United Kingdom.
The Clover’s band songs started to become the one national anthem in the UK. They were mostly known for their pseudonym name pub rock. With the help of Robert John, a producer the band launched their two albums. With all the fame and effort, the records didn’t bring any fruitful results.  

In the mid of 1978 Clover moved to the UK and California, after trying with much zeal without success, the band parted ways. Lewis opted to work on his tones and solo albums. He played different genres of music including Huey Harp that was featured on the Live and Dangerous album. He landed a job at a local club in California where he signed a long-term contract with a legendary label called Phonogram.

Lewis success came when he created his band in 1979: Huey Lewis and the American Express. After releasing happy songs, he changed its name to Huey Lewis and the New. In 1982 they released an album called “Picture this” which gave birth to a 1983 album titled Sports. The album sold over ten million copies. After three years, they released another album that brought positive remarks. After few month Huey rose to fame for producing Nick’s album: I Knew the Bride.

In the mid of 1994 Lewis’s band launched another album titled Four Chords and Several Years Ago. Throughout his career, the album cemented Huey’s career. This paved way to a single that was featured in movies called The Power of Love. In spite of his musical career, Lewis showed his acting skills when he starred in films like Short Cuts and Sphere. He followed it up with Duets movie in the new millennium.

During Independence Day Celebration at Capital Fourth In 2008, Lewis’s band performed for over half a million attendees. In the process, a notable broadcasting service aired the group live across America. Early in 2011, the band carried out their performance at the Summer Camp Festival in Illinois in collaboration with Humphrey’s McGee jam band.


Personal Life And Achievements

In the mid of 1983, Lewis married Sidney Conroy, and the couple was blessed with two children. Although they announced their separation six years later, they are still ‘hospitable’ friends. Early in the 1990s, Lewis performed for the USA for Africa fundraising organization where he sang We Are the World song. He was also recognized as the Musician of the Year in California.

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