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Abbie Hoffman

Birthday :

November 30, 1936

Died On :

April 12, 1989

Also Known For :

Political, Social, Anarchist, Revolutionary

Birth Place :

Worcester, Massachusetts, United States of America

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During the 1960s Democratic National Convention, Abbie Hoffman co-founded Youth International Party or Yippies. It was a group that opposed other leader’s social norms with the aim of gaining fame as an activist. His straightforward nature gave him a chance to lead pro-peace groups where he expressed his resentments towards the non-activist. It was during his leadership that he was named as meticulous and a future icon of America as a whole. At his tender age, Abbie paid no heed to his elders. He was rightly known as a demagogue who loved to disobey the law. After some time he turned into a focused and mature being. Scroll further to find out more about his early and later achievements.

Abbie’s Personality

Nothing else than his instincts ideally led Abbie Hoffman. He immensely trusted himself and what followed next was the flow and balance of his life. This is what made him embrace a busy life as an antiwar and civil rights activist. His level of initiation allowed him to establish a close ally with his enemy. Hoffman was born with a sense of optimism that allowed him to follow his path of success. He hated to offend others just as much as he liked a peaceful surrounding. Being an anti-war activist illustrated how he desired harmony. Read along.


Childhood And Early Life

On 30th November 1936 Abbie Hoffman was first seen in the world in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the U.S. He was born to Florence Schamberg and John Hoffman who loved to live a decent life. Since inception, Hoffman grew up as a rabble-rouser and an instigator. He was once banned from attending his classes at Classical High School due to his negative presentation as a communist. He then joined Worcester Academy where he completed in 1955.It was in the mid of 1950s that a renown Marxist, Herbert Marcuse taught Abbie vital political rules. In 1959 he enrolled at Brandeis University where he received his BA in Psychology. He then followed it up with a master’s degree at the University of California.



After his graduation, Abbie teamed up with SNCC a Student Committee that supported Civil Rights Movement in the USA. Before the end of the Vietnam War, Abbie tried his best to end the war without success. It was there that he opted to improvise methods such as comical norms. For instance, he challenged some military men to block several roads with the aim of identifying the antagonist.

In the mid of 1967, Abbie collaborated with other anti-war’s groups where they disrupted a function in NY. They did so by throwing tons of fake and real dollars to the attendees. It was here that he was sent behind bars for inciting countless of riots.

In 1969, after his release, Abbie continued to entice countable of men and women to join the movement that he named as Yippee. In 1971 he wrote and published a book titled Steal this Book as well as Vote. After a short pause, he was sent to prison in 1986 for invading the University of Massachusetts. But he was later released due to lack of clear evidence. It was after several months that he got featured in a movie called Born on the Fourth of July.


Personal Life And Achievements

Abbie Hoffman rose to stardom when he wrote and published his first book-Steal This Book. It was here that he paved the way for 1960s civil movement. The book explained different methods of eliminating corruption. Early in 1992, he received a Courage of Conscience Award. When it comes to his personal life, Abbie tied a nuptial knot with Sheila Karklin in 1960. The couple had two children, but they later parted way in 1966. The following year he remarried Anita Kushner with whom he had a son called “America.” The couple called it quit in 1973. In 1980 Hoffman was diagnosed with a condition called bipolar disorder. He breathed his last on April 12th, 1989. It wasn’t a natural death, but it was said that he ended his life for gulping over 160Phb –phenobarbital tablets.

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