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Does Being Psychic Give You Emotional Protection?

Being Psychic and Emotional Protection

Psychic Abilities

Have you read the book, The Dead Zone by Stephen King, or have you seen the film Ghost? This can be a good starting point for reading this article as both delve into psychic ability. A psychic person will claim to use extrasensory perception, ESP, to identify information hidden from normal senses. Let us read about how a psychic needs emotional protection.


You cannot place a person who has psychic abilities into one category. As the book and film show, these psychic abilities can cover many areas of differing abilities. There are people with this ability who can hear voices and see a person who has departed this world for the next world.

Others can read tarot cards, crystal balls, or read your palms. Others have the gift of healing. For others, their five senses are highly developed. They can touch others to know and give messages of comfort or future events. Of course, this does depend on what you believe. Some of this can be seen as elaborate television and stage shows.


I am sure we can all remember Uri Geller and his television show and his famous trademark of bending spoons. Have you ever had your fortune told at the fairground, or do you read your stars in the newspapers?

Divination and Astrology

These systems of divination and fortune-telling can be traced back to astrology, the study of the star systems, which is as old as time itself. I cannot write about psychic abilities without referring to a very famous person, Nostradamus.


The French apothecary and seer wrote a collection of prophecies that have become famous worldwide, and his books are still reprinted today.

Moving on forward to the 19th century, we see the birth of modern spiritualists where the belief in contacting the dead for insight into the future was the object. In the 20th century, eastern mysticism elements were added, which culminated in the New Age movement.


Psychic Abilities and Science

Some universities now study paranormal activities and test out people who have psychic abilities to evaluate or at least develop a theory scientifically. To date, there does not seem to be an outcome that anyone could agree on. There is a theory that many are born with psychic abilities that are never developed; others believe that it is hereditary only.

A psychic person can visualize events through pictures in the mind or dreams at night. Some can see a person who has died and even have a conversation with them. Is this a wonderful gift or a terrifying experience? Does this come to all of us in certain degrees? Can you recall a ‘Déjà Vu’ occurrence in your life?

Have you ever wondered why you knew who was on the other end of the phone when it was ringing? Have you just known something with certainty that was unusual for you and then found out later that it had happened or was happening while you were there the following week? Also, have any of your dreams come true or give you the answer to the question you have been battling with for weeks? Was it the right answer?

Dreams and Psychic Perception

There is, of course, the other side of psychic perceptions that some people have been living with, the experience of bad, horrific dreams, of being given messages that are evil in intent and only bring about pictures and information of death and destruction.

This can be soul-destroying, and these negative attacks may become personal. They could also be accompanied by physical signs, such as severe headaches, weakness, and fatigue, leading to self-doubt. Negative thoughts could lead to depression or even suicidal thoughts. Evil spirits will be on the attack if you are not on your guard.

Emotions and Psychic Perception

Our emotions can be a playground for evil spirits and their intent on the destruction of the person, which could cause isolation from our families and friends. We need to recognize our emotions. They are an integral part of our make-up. Our emotions are with us from day one. As babies, we recognize when we are hungry and make our feelings known.

As we grow in years, we grow in the emotional responses that we learned along the way. For example, we are taught not to cry, especially not in public, and ‘don’t make a fuss’ parents teach us. Maybe you were taught differently, whichever way it was. This is then how we respond emotionally in similar situations.

What we think about will bring along with it an emotional response to that thought. The question was, does being a psychic give you emotional protection? The answer has to be no. It does not.

Emotional Protection

Emotional protection is a learned ability that all people from all walks of life will have to build up for their well-being. Being psychic and extra-perceptive can bring increased layers of emotional challenges.

Having all of this information that keeps arriving and people from the other side wanting your attention can be daunting, and if the evil spirits try and push through, your emotions may be under threat. A guidance advisor or a member of the family who has the same gifts should be a source to turn to for building up a barrier and resilience to guard against being too overwhelmed.

The psychic person needs to learn how to understand their gifts and how to manage gifts. Recognizing and accepting this gift, you are not unique, as part of who you are, and feel at ease with your gift. Learning and using your gift positively while assisting others in life will lift your self-esteem.

Spirits and Emotional Protection

You can build emotional protection, especially if evil spirits attack you. One suggestion is to use you and the power you have inside of you. The first step is to stop and think and recognize these are evil, self-destructive thoughts.

Then turn this around with the sound of your voice, the sound of your voice speaking loudly to counter and contradict these evil thoughts. Out loud, try saying these suggested words or similar words. I am a good person. I can achieve whatever I need to achieve. And, I am beautiful and loved by everyone around me. I believe in who I am.

Speak the contrary word, speak of love and kindness, and always say to the evil voices to leave you alone and leave your home and not to return. Please try. These suggestions may seem simple. Please try and keep speaking and trying, never giving up until you have defeated evil. Remember, you have the abilities in you. You are as you speak.

Always be on your guard, as the evil enemy is around like a prowling lion and waiting for a chance to return and deplete your emotional resilience. Use your psychic gift to perceive what is making its way through to your mind and dreams, and protect your emotions and yourself with these suggestions for emotional resilience. Use your gifts wisely.

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