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Nithya Yoga

The Nithya Yoga Calculator will provide you knowledge about the appropriate Vedic astrology nithya yoga or birth yoga for your place of birth.

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Kota Chakra


A Kota Chakra analysis gives information regarding the possibilities of a kind of serious illness or sudden death that might be looming in the near future.

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27 Nakshatras – Characteristics

From the teachings of the Vedas comes Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology. The Nakshatra is the foundation of is this ancient science. There are 27 sections/Nakshatra (also known as Lunar Mansions) which correspond to the moon’s movement around the Earth in one day. The Nakshatras are the foundation of Hindu/Vedic astrology.

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What Is Paka Lagna?

career astrology

With the analysis of Paka Lagna (ascendant) in the birth chart one can get to know if he or she has the required potential and intelligence for a particular career.

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