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Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra: General

The second Nakshatra Bharani in Vedic astrology, is symbolized by the elephant and corresponds to the zodiac house of  Aries. Lord Yama, keeper of the Akashic records, presides over this constellation which is represented by three faint stars which form a triangle in the constellation of Aries or Mesha.


Ever focused on justice, Lord Yama and likewise those born under the Bharani, bare a heavy burden on their journey. Their hyper-vigilance and fixation on morality may leave these individuals with a strong sense of righteousness. An attitude of supremacy may manifest in a judgmental approach to communications.


Their sense of self-importance may impart Bharani natives with the notion that they are more virtuous and have more wisdom than their peers. If they focus too much on themselves, they may begin to see themselves as ‘God-like’. When walking the good path, the Bharani is the embodiment of truth, purity and loyalty according to Jyotish.

Personality Traits

lord yamaThese determined and genuine personalities are endowed with intellect, charisma and a strong sense of loyalty. They are often wealthy but their wealth may be acquired through illegal/immoral activities if their sense of self is exaggerated.


Physical Appearance

The Bharani natives are generally of a ruddy complexion, with long necks and broad faces. Most are of average size; while those born at mid-day are known to be taller than most. They broad face and forehead provide a good foundation for their prominent teeth, the men are prone to baldness and bushy eye brows.


Attitude & Life Path

Pure souls with a ‘what-you-see is what-you-get’ attitude, the justice monitors are blunt, say what they mean and place little value on the opinion of others. Strong willed, Bharani natives may appear rough on the outside, yet they are truly kind and generous. Those who know and love these individuals can attest to attributes, while to less familiar acquaintances they may appear to be harsh and inflexible.

Born for leadership but lacking discipline, they seek to dominate all situations and this attitude may create many barriers to success as the journey on their path. Financial stability is elusive for the Bharani. They lack the self-restraint necessary to maintain consistent efforts and as such financial resources tend to fluctuate.


Similar to their oscillating financial situation, natives of Bharani birth star generally have inconsistent careers during their younger years. Eventually they will find their calling and excel in their work.

Family Portrait

Deeply loyal and attached to their loved ones, the Bharani focus all their energy on their families and are known to be good partners. They are recognized as helpful with housework and as having difficulty managing their finances.

Healthbharani birth star

Generally of good health, they may encounter dental problems, fevers, chronic pain and diabetes.Natives tend to be fearful of water and are at increased risk of drowning. They are also prone to excess and need to be mindful about diet and exercise to ensure ongoing well-being.

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