What Is Bhava Lagna?

What Is Bhava Lagna?

Bhava Lagna is a very important part of astrology. It has become immensely popular in the recent times because it helps in analyzing the inner strength and energy. It also tells how this energy and strength is currently being used and what extra needs to be done for best possible results in personal and professional life.

In addition to this the analysis of the Bhava Lagna also tells about the key personality and character traits of a person that are under the influence of the position of the Bhava Lagna, which thus has an overall effect on the temperament of a person.

According to the principles of Vedic astrology of all the ascendants the Bhava Lagna happens to be the most imperative and significant. If the calculation of Bhava Lagna Jyotish is done with full prudence then an accurate result of the calculation could help in knowing the exact location of the Bhava Lagna at the time of the birth. This in turn could give key insights into the general nature and basic characters of a person as it is highly influential on the various aspects of life.

These days the experts and online calculators of Bhava Lagna can be found in abundance. However the cliché ‘excess of anything is bad’ stands tall here too. This is because since astrology is a profession for many and as the experts are increasing in number, the astrologers have resorted to unethical means of pandering to the fantasies of the people by telling them only good things about them. This in the long run will reduce the trust of people on astrology.

The ones that are accurate are either very expensive or difficult to approach or use. The calculator presented over here is however free from all these malaise as not  only is it free to use but one could also use it from the comfort of their homes.

To use this tool all one needs to do s enter the name, date and time of birth. To maintain good precision the time zone of birth and the latitude and the longitude of the place of birth is also entered and after this a button with “Free Bhava Lagna” written on it is clicked upon after which a detailed report comes up.

The astrology report contains the planetary details, Vedic Bhava Lagna and the characteristic of this Lagna. A general interpretation of this report is also given along with the things that ought to be done for better results. Everybody should try using this tool at least once so that the needful could be done when there is still time.

Bhava Lagna

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