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Moola Nakshatra

Moola Nakshatra: General

The Moola Nakshatra rests eternally in Sagittarius. Ruled by Nirrit, the goddess of destruction, this region of the cosmos represents the power to destroy and break things apart. Governed by planet Ketu, the native is able to see in all directions. A bunch of roots tied together eludes to the regions affinity for duality and opposites.


Personality Traits

Passionate by nature, these inquisitive people seek the truth in all situations. They are prone to feeling helpless and have difficulty being accountable for their own circumstances. Their passionate character is often expressed through cruelty, pain, and abuse.


The Mula native covets material things. They are prone to feelings of resentment and carry a deep sense of loss until they begin to walk a spiritual path.


Not known for their self-control, they can exhibit excessive compulsive behavior when they are off balance for any length of time. If they should acquire fame and fortune they will become judgmental and condescending to those they see as lesser than themselves.


Physical Appearance

The Mula birth star has a strong and attractive stature that may be intimidating to some. They have large, bright eyes and are well proportioned.


Attitude & Life Path

These folks have high morals and are prone to unpredictability. The Moola native has a childish nature and never seems to grow up or take things seriously.


moolaHard working with good work ethics, these people are challenged to find their calling. Many find satisfaction in natural healing and alternative medicine and others truly enjoy investigation, and research.

Although they experience personal financial issues, they make excellent financial advisers. Many native Mula live and work abroad in roles related to administration, literature and philosophy.

Family Portrait

With little support from parents or other family members these people may have very difficult childhoods. They enjoy pleasant married lives despite the example of their parents.


The Mula tends to neglect their health and is known to be challenged by gastric issues, lung problems and other minor maladies. If they have the misfortune of developing a drug or alcohol dependence, it will be most difficult for them to correct the situation.

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