What Is Hora Lagna?

What Is Hora Lagna?

The Hora Lagna Analysis is designed to increase your awareness of those things that may be influencing your financial future. Given the economic times surrounding 2017, finances may not always be easy and they must be dealt with on a day-to-day basis. Try to watch the smallest coins as they build up to a large sum.

In Vedic astrology, one of the important ascendants is Hora Lagna. When it comes to financial matters the placement of Hora Lagna is essential as it controls these matters. `As one looks at the natal chart, one must look at the placement of the Hora Lagna within an astrological house. This will be a factor in how your financial life will play out. A Hora Lagna Reading can help you see this factor in your life.

People are generally concerned with finances. It seems that no matter how much income you may have the vast majority are always a little tight when it comes to meeting their expenses. Though many of us do not believe it there are financial concerns for millionaires too. On the other hand you will occasionally meet a person who despite having had a moderate income,  has managed by simple techniques to amass a fortune.


No matter what the influence of the Hora Lagna is, your choices will also affect your financial future. But an analysis of the Hora Lagna may give you some guidance as to what your particular faults are,  in regard to money management.

The significance of the Hora Lagna and its placement in the natal chart of Vedic astrology will vary according to the house. The placement in Leo will have very different monetary effects when compared to the placement in Cancer.

The free Hora Lagna Jyotish Reading will assist you in finding best methods for handling the money in your life, and also lets you know about the bad and good aspects of your character.

Hora Lagna

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