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Mrigasira Nakshatra

Mrigasira Nakshatra: General

The 4th Nakshatra in Jyotish, Mrigasira is symbolized in the constellation Orion by the three stars that form the celestial huntsman’s head.

Mrigashira, the head of a deer, is ruled by the Moon (Chandra) and is personified in the Orion constellation by the group of three stars that form the head of the celestial huntsman. It is said that Orion was the sky god and like his ruler the Moon, he became obsessed with Brahma’s beautiful daughter Rohini.


The hunter chased Rohini across the cosmos changing shapes throughout the pursuit. At some point, he took on the appearance of an antelope (or head of a deer, now the symbol for the Nakshatra) and was shot with Brahman’s arrow. Orion fell to the earth and the unity of the Universe was split.


Personality Traits

mrigashiraDrawn to natural beauty and the exploration of nature, Mrigasira birth star people are capable of immense love, particularly for their mothers. Like Orion’s eternal quest for Rohini, these individuals are ever vigilant in their search: although they might not know for what they are searching.

They can be restless, nervous, and nomadic individuals. Their propensity for collecting and the ongoing quest for their next best treasure soothes them and gives them a purpose for their quest. They love to shop and have trouble managing money effectively.

Collecting also feeds their need for knowledge, and love of research and provides them with a mystery to investigate. For some highly developed Mrigasira, their quest will lead them on a spiritual path. They are known for having beautiful children and a good sense of humor.


Physical Appearance

Like their symbol the antelope, these are gentle, peaceful creatures with large, soft doe-like eyes. Mrigasira are known for their fine body structure, are generally tall, and have relatively thin legs.


Attitude & Life Path

The native of Mrigasira has high morals, good intellect, and an infectious personality according to Vedic astrology. They are known to be sincere with the ability to see both sides of the story.

Affectionate and warm-hearted, they trust easily and may admire people who don’t deserve their adoration. They may be easily betrayed in business and need to be cautious about who they do business with and who they choose for friends.

They put up a courageous front and are known to be spontaneous risk-takers. At heart, they are very timid and prefer to avoid conflict. Generally unstable and restless they will confront injustice head-on and tend to be easily annoyed.

The split unity represented by this Nakshatra leaves many a Mrigasira lacking peace of mind. Middle age can sometimes bring some sense of stability to their lives.

Sensitive and fragile: intellectual and intelligent. These beings are bestowed with prosperity, respect, and a certain ease around others. They are quick to judge, may become aggressive when challenged, and do not easily forgive.


mrigasiraPerceived as successful, their split consciousness makes it difficult for the individual to retain accumulated wealth and material objects and they are known to make foolish mistakes that leave them in financial and professional ruin. Intelligent people, are easily bored and have difficulty finishing what they start; as such they will be employed in a range of professions throughout their lifetime.

Family Portrait

The native Mrigasira are truly attached to their family members and show a great deal of love and admiration for those they are close to. Sadly, they are often misunderstood and generally don’t receive the love and attention they so crave. Their love lives tend to be complex and marriages may be short-lived.


Plagued by childhood ailments, the native is prone to digestive problems, stomach disorders, and shoulder injuries.

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