How To Calculate Varnada Lagna?

How To Calculate Varnada Lagna?

The Varnada Lagna (Ascendant) Reading helps one to see how they react with others and the ways in which they may be able to improve their communication skills. But this reading also shows areas where social skills are excellent. In 2017 and going forward, to be able to put your best foot forward is always an advantage. The Varnada Lagna Reading should be able to guide you to find out the best way forward.

It is true that each of us sees the world in our own way and the way in which we deal with others will change according to what is happening. Some of us present a cheerful face and others a cross face.

But if you plan to succeed there must be certain risks in life. When you believe that thought is necessary before action, you will succeed more fully. The Varnada Lagna ascendant calculator is one tool that you can use to gain an insight into your own way of thinking and that of others around you.

Varnada Lagna is one of the more essential Lagnas in the Vedic school of astrology. The placement of this Lagna is relevant since as a special ascendant it has the role of showing how you deal with others. This would be in all the private, public and work lives.

The placement of the Varnada Lagna  at present moment has an effect on the person. To know the full details of the Varnada Lagna one does need to provide the time of birth and the location. We have a sample reading so that you may see the details provided.


kundli chart

This person is extremely charismatic and likes to do things on his own. He has a very positive outlook and he is probably quite extrovert in making friends effortlessly. This individual enjoys being in charge and can be both stubborn and without patience. He may occasionally be short tempered which can cause him difficulties.

Once in a way he may listen to others but the decision is made by him. He is an original thinker and quite creative. Everything in his life seems to change constantly. He can see the ridiculous side of things and enjoys the company of his friends. Some may consider him to be extravagant. He may act on an impulse. But generally he tends to be popular.

Work & Money

You should succeed in the business world. This is a very useful thing to know as this ability in business can be seen as an advantage.

Home & Love

natal chartAt heart a romantic, you would enjoy risks in your liaisons. In home you fulfill all expectations.


You may have issues concerning your blood pressure and possibly your skull. Also you may have issues with your eyes.

All of this information is given in a clear and detailed manner yet it is simple to read. In our current year the more we know about ourselves the more effectively we can function within the societal norms. The Varnada Lagna Reading gives you a view of how this aspect of Jyotish truly works and affects the individual.

Varnada Lagna

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