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Uranus in the houses

Uranus In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Uranus In Astrological Houses

Planet Uranus is essential in astrology even though the planet wasn’t discovered until the 1780s. Uranus in the 12 astrological houses encourages change. This can involve making a person think more creatively.


The main theme when it comes to Uranus symbolism is independence. Uranus in houses signifies being your person is important. Also, you should do whatever you need to to learn more. Then, you can have educated ideas on how to better run your life.

Uranus In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Uranus In 1st House

The Uranus in first house

When Uranus is in the first house, you are likely to change the way that you interact with others. You’ll want to make sure that people listen to you when you speak. But, this may come off as being intrusive. Expressing yourself is okay. But, try not to annoy your friends while doing so.


Uranus In 2nd House

The Uranus in second house

When Uranus is in the 2nd house, you will begin to look at the world differently. Possessions will be just that, simple objects, to you. Use this time to find happiness in non-material objects. This lack of materialism is good for you. But, remember to pay your bills and buy the essentials.


Uranus In 3rd House

The Uranus in third house

You may see to communicate a little oddly when Uranus is in the third house. This is good because you will come off as being more cheerful. This can help you to gain friends. This may annoy some friends. So, make sure you realize when you are acting strange.


Uranus In 4th House

The Uranus in fourth house

Your streak of independence may come to a slow halt when Uranus is in the fourth house. You may have to start taking care of a child, animal, or something/someone else who needs to be cared for. Try not to get too stressed during this time. You will learn valuable lessons during this time.

Uranus In 5th House

The Uranus in fifth house

You will be filled with creativity and life when Uranus is in the 5th house. You will feel like you have all the freedom that you need, and you will do whatever you want. Your romantic relationships might also be a little different from the ones that you are used to.

Uranus In 6th House

The Uranus in sixth house

Doing repetitive tasks will bore you when Uranus is in the sixth house. You need to do a job that excites you and lets you have freedom in your work. However, because you will have freedom, you are likely not to be organized. Keep your mind creative during this time.

Uranus In 7th House

The Uranus in seventh house

You are likely to be indecisive and have mood swings when Uranus is in the seventh house. This is likely to annoy your friends, family, and romantic partner. You won’t like that people think of you this way. But, you’ll deal with it the best that you can.

Uranus In 8th House

The Uranus in eighth house

Change will be your favorite thing when Uranus is in the 8th house. You love trying new things and redefining your personality. This may confuse your friends and family. Don’t let this get to you. Make whatever changes you need to be happy.

Uranus In 9th House

The Uranus in ninth house

Thinking differently will follow acting differently when Uranus is in the ninth house. You’ll love learning new things. The more you know, the more you can have educated thoughts and opinions on. Travel, read, or even watch documentaries to learn as much as you can.

Uranus In 10th House

The Uranus in tenth house

Uranus’ indecisive nature will interfere with your job when it is in the tenth house. You will have a hard time feeling committed to your job. You may be trying to advance in your job or trying to find a job that better suits you during this time.

Uranus In 11th House

The Uranus in eleventh house

Uranus will affect how you feel about social situations when it is in the eleventh house. You will have a hard time conforming to a group. You want to be an individual! Don’t let others decide your goals for you. Passionately do whatever you need to do to be yourself.

Uranus In 12th House

The Uranus in twelfth house

Finally, with Uranus in the twelfth house, you will feel like you need a change again. You will be more creative in your thought process. And, other creative people can help you to get to your goals. Make sure that you are making friends with the right people.

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