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saturn in the houses

Saturn In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Saturn In Astrological Houses

Saturn in houses doesn’t like to make things easy for people. You will often feel challenged when you are faced with Saturn transits. New responsibilities may be placed upon you.


If you take these tasks gracefully, then you are likely to get past them quickly and come out successful. However, if you take these challenges negatively, then you are likely to be plagued with stress and anxiety. Let’s see what Saturn in the 12 houses symbolizes in astrology.

Saturn In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Saturn In 1st House

Saturn In 1st House. Saturn in the first house feels conflicted over being free.

When Saturn is in the first house, you will feel very responsible. But, you will try to keep yourself in good standing with your friends and family, and you will try to give them advice as well. However, you may become stressed or severely depressed because of this.


Saturn In 2nd House

The Saturn In 2nd House

Luck will be with you when Saturn is in the 2nd house, or at least it will seem like luck. You will not have much trouble getting what you want during this time. However, you will be nervous when investing or giving money to friends.

Saturn In 3rd House

The Saturn In 3rd House

Communication is key when Saturn is in the 3rd house. Thus, you are likely to notice the little things that people do while talking that others may not notice. Friends might notice similar things about you. This can help to make conversations more meaningful.


Saturn In 4th House

The Saturn In 4th House

Saturn in the fourth house is all about family, and how you get along with them. You may be especially maternal or, on the other end of the spectrum, cold when you are around family. Don’t let being with a family feel like work; let it be fun!


Saturn In 5th House

The Saturn In 5th House

You’ll do whatever you can to express yourself more when Saturn is in the fifth house. If you take this in a positive light, then you could make many new friends by showing your interests. If you hide what you are passionate about, then it won’t please anyone.

Saturn In 6th House

The Saturn In 6th House

You’ll do your best to take care of yourself when Saturn is in the sixth house. If you do this correctly, then you can have a happy home and a healthy body. But, if you do this wrong, then you will become stressed and inactive.

Saturn In 7th House

The Saturn In 7th House

Saturn in the 7th house is all about relationships – romantic, friends, and even enemies. Make sure to give off positive energy when you are around people who you care about if you want your bonds to strengthen. This may also help you to make new friends.

Saturn In 8th House

The Saturn In 8th House

You’ll undergo a great change when Saturn is in the eighth house. If you take this positively, then you can learn and encourage others to live a great life. But, if you take this negatively, then you’ll only bring yourself nervousness, anxiety, and possibly even addiction to smoking, drinking, or drugs.

Saturn In 9th House

The Saturn In 9th House

When Saturn is in the ninth house, you will be more likely to think about the big questions in life. Also, you may come up with a few answers on your own! Write down your ideas to look over later. But, don’t think too much or else you may become stressed out.

Saturn In 10th House

The Saturn In 10th House

You’ll care more about your family and job when Saturn is in the 10th house. You will want to make sure that your kids are getting the attention they need. You may also want to start acting as a leader at work. But, don’t let these new responsibilities stress you out too much.

Saturn In 11th House

The Saturn In 11th House

When Saturn is in the eleventh house, you will want to make your relationships with your friends and family stronger. Spend time with the people who you care about the most during this time. You’ll be the happiest when you are building and fixing relationships.

Saturn In 12th House

The Saturn In 12th House

Unfortunately, Saturn in the 12th house often brings anxiety and stress. Unless you take control of your life, you will feel like you are too dependent. This can ruin your self-esteem and mood in general. Remember that you are essential.

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