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Neptune In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Neptune In Astrological Houses

Planet Neptune is symbolic of all those things that are not usually thought about. The things that Neptune in houses controls are unique ideas that the general public is not likely to talk about (anything but the mainstream), illusions, or when you think that you are “seeing” something.


Neptune in houses also helps to understand your dreams. Being spiritual is important if you want Neptune to treat you favorably. Find out how Neptune in the 12 houses affects your spiritual and out-of-the-box thinking.

Neptune In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Neptune In 1st House

The neptune in first house

To put it, you will be a daydreamer when Neptune is in the first house. This can lead to your becoming more creative, but it can also cause you to be unfocused. This can bother some people. Try to focus when it is important, like while you are at work.


Neptune In 2nd House

The neptune in second house

Money is the last thing on your mind when Neptune is in the second house. You won’t care about spending or making money, although it is likely that you will make money from a creative project. Not being materialistic is good for your spiritual side.


Neptune In 3rd House

The neptune in third house

You will continue to be dreamy when Neptune is in the 3rd  house. This may stop you from focusing at work or school, which can make things difficult. You are likely to be unorganized during this time. However, you will be wonderful at communicating with others.


Neptune In 4th House

The neptune in fourth house

Neptune in the fourth house is all about family and the relationships that you have with them. You are likely going to become, or already, close to another person. So close, you consider them family. These/people/person can help you during this time. You can also help them as well.

Neptune In 5th House

The neptune in fifth house

Neptune in the fifth house is all about expressing yourself. Many people do this by escaping into art and doing projects to show how they feel. Fantasy and drama may rule your head. Don’t let this get to you as you might find a romantic partner.

Neptune In 6th House

The neptune in sixth house

You won’t be able to focus on mundane daily tasks when Neptune is in the sixth house. Your mind will be more focused on the big picture, or new ideas. Try not to forget about your daily tasks even if you do get bored with them. You need to do many of these things daily for a good reason.

Neptune In 7th House

The neptune in seventh house

The seventh house has a lot to do with romance. You are likely to give more to your partner than you take. This might be annoying to you at times, but your partner may not even notice. Overall, your relationship should be in good standing when Neptune is in the seventh house.

Neptune In 8th House

The neptune in eighth house

You are apt to be more spiritual when Neptune is in the eighth house. You are likely to focus more on dreams and fantasy. This could lead you to daydream about a perfect partner who can give as much as you can, romantically and sexually as well.

Neptune In 9th House

The neptune in ninth house

Faith also rules over Neptune in the 9th house. If you take this positively, it can give you a better outlook on life. If you take this negatively, then it can make you lazy and unappealing. Don’t avoid your responsibilities while you embrace the joy in life.

Neptune In 10th House

The neptune in tenth house

Creativity and your career are the themes for Neptune in the 10th House. You are likely to be on top of the trends, as well as being more creative than usual. This can help you to advance in your job or at school. Your new creative ideas will get you far in life.

Neptune In 11th House

The neptune in eleventh house

When Neptune is in the 11th house, you will act kinder, but your thoughts will be focused on what the idea is. You will want to do all that you can to help others, but ideally, you could do more than you can. Don’t stress over not being able to do everything you want to. After all, you aren’t a superhero.

Neptune In 12th House

The neptune in twelfth house

Finally, in the twelfth house, your intuition will be right in many cases. You will draw strength from within yourself to get your goals done. This can help when it comes to your job or while you are at school. Don’t live entirely by intuition, as sometimes it’s better to check up on facts.

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