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5 Reasons To Be Cheerful

What Makes You Cheerful?

In our modern world we are taught by advertisers to want and need everything. From vacuum cleaners with remote allowing us to sip a coffee while they work, to special pizza cookers to popcorn makers, to retro this and retro that!

Not only are we told what to buy, we are intensely warned, buy it now, last day of sale. You must buy this. No wonder so many people go out and buy junk that 2-3 years later they chuck out in a spring clean or sell on e-bay!

Our society and especially advertising makes us think that we will be more happy or cheerful if we had this or that item, which of course will lead to that utopian lifestyle with that perfect partner and so it goes on!

We are literally inundated with consumer items and lifestyles meant to make us cheerful that are both unattainable, laden with debt and not necessary for happiness! So how do we determine if we are cheerful or not? Try this checklist for starters.

What Makes You Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful

#1. Do you have a roof over your head every night?

Yes? That is great. In 2005 the UN estimated then there were 100M homeless. Even in 2003 in Australia, the once lucky country, there were 100,000 people on the streets every night. That was in the boom time. Since then Australia has had a marked downturn in its economy with homeless people more prominent in the major CBD day and night, begging for money from business people!

This is the so called lucky country. So imagine countries like China and India and recently the United States with the GFC mortgage crisis causing middle class families to lose everything!

Do you have a roof over your head every night

#2. Are you healthy?

Yes. Great! Since without good health you cannot work and earn money and be happy.

#3. Do you have family?

A family, even just a partner, kids and parents, both still alive? That is great! Most people do not have that especially with the modern transient work forces globally and the breakdown of families especially in the Western world. (Take the parent compatibility test).

A family, even just a partner, kids and parents, both still alive

#4. Do you have a healthy mind, free of depression?

Yes, well you are very lucky. It was reported in Science Daily that in 2011, some 121 million people globally were suffering from the insidious disease called depression. Even more alarming was the incidence of depression correlated with higher unemployment, lower income and lower longevity.

It appears that having major depression pre-disposes strongly depressed people to other disease states such as diabetes, heart disease and strokes. If you don’t have this very real disease and are not affected by a close family member having it you are very fortunate.

Do you have a healthy mind

#5. Do you have a job?

Yes, that is great! Having a full-time or even part-time job gives you a daily sense of purpose, keeps your brain active and also provides you with money to pay the bills. The major cause of family breakdown and divorce in the western world is financial stress or worry or arguments about money!

So next time you see that luxury Mercedes Benz that advertisers make you feel you need or that expensive diamond ring … that perhaps even bothers you that you can’t have it … think again! There are far more important things in this life than what car you drive, what branded handbag you carry and which suburb you live in.

If you indeed have all the above, a sense of yourself that you feel comfortable with, that you have some vague idea of where you are going, you are doing better than most people and have a lot to be cheerful and happy about.

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