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How To Read Palms: The Love Line

The Love Line In Palm Reading

Chiromancy or palmistry is the art of telling the fortunes of a person just by looking at the natural lines on their hands. It’s been a popular manner of personal divination for a very long time, and though it may look complicated, it is actually very simple in practice. The love line in palmistry can actually predict your love life! Find out how!

Palm readers have a reputation as being the sultry-looking, mysterious gypsy women in strange booths at carnivals, but in reality, anyone can practice palmistry with very little time spent practicing. The lines on a person’s palm are easy to interpret once you’ve memorized what each line means. Let’s take a look at the heart line or the love line to find out more about palmistry compatibility.

The heart line is the line that typically runs from the space between your index and middle fingers toward the little finger and generally runs off the side of the hand. It’s the highest full line, closest to the fingers. It represents everything to do with love and relationships.

If the line starts close to your index finger, this indicates that your love life is one you are comfortable with, or will soon be. It indicates that you have a satisfying love life, and that you are fortunate in your relationships.

The love line in palmistry can actually predict your love life! Find out how!

If it starts in the middle of the two fingers, it means you are easy to persuade or seduce. You will often fall in love with strangers or become attached to people who show even a small amount of interest in you. If it starts closer toward your middle finger, it may indicate that you are self-centered or selfish in your decisions for relationships. It may also show that you seek fulfillment for yourself without taking too much care of your partners.

In palm reading, when your heart line actually touches the creases made by your finger joints or terminates in the webbing in between, it indicates that you have a great interest in romance and love, and seek to constantly be involved with someone else romantically. If it is shorter and does not connect, then it means you have a smaller interest, or perhaps no interest at all, in romantic relationships.

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If your line starts or ends with feathery delicate wisps, it means that you are a romantic person, softer in the heart than you are lustful. If it sort of fades into existence with no clear start, it means you are passive in your love life, and that you are waiting for the “right one” to come to you. A strong, defined start to the line declares that you are aggressive in romance , and not only actively seek your partners, but may be more lustful than others.

The shape of the line is also important. A straight, neat love or heart line says that you treat your life life like you would treat a business: orderly and with care, to try to keep things organized. A wavy line means that you are likely a player or are easily swayed, and will likely have many partners over your life span.

A smooth curve in the love line indicates more creativity in your romantic expression, where a sharp angle represents a lack of outward expression made up for by passionate short periods. If it is a broken or non-constant line, it indicates trauma or problems in relationships, bigger depending on the size of the breaks.

Let’s take a look at the head line next.

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