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Color Test

Color Test

The color test is a way to look into your personality. There has been 100 years of study upon this subject of personality and the relation to color. The colors you choose are a way of calculating what kind of a person you are. Color psychologists around the world have done thousands of tests with color to give an analysis of the personality.

There is a way to discover if you are an angry person. Perhaps in the year 2014 you have always been attracted to the color brown, but now in the year 2014, you would like to bring more yellow into your life. Sometimes you might be attracted to the color red or maybe you are more of a pink person.

The color blue could make some people sad, or maybe very calm people happen to be attracted to the color green. It could be a matter of your zodiac sign too. Is it true that Pisces and Sagittarius  like to wear the color purple? Is it true that more Virgos wear white and Capricorns tend to wear the colors black and grey? It would be fun to find out what kind of personality you have.

Maybe a dark blue shirt that you see someone wearing could mean something to you. Maybe if you wear an orange shirt you could calculate what kind of day you will have.

luscher color test

You can even test yourself on some days. Give yourself a day to wear black and then give yourself a day to wear bright colors such as yellow and red and pink!

If you are suffering from something you may tend to wear a certain color. If you take the color test while in a bad mood, chances are that you will pick very different colors than if you were to take the color test while in a very cheerful mood. What color does your best friend usually wear? What color do you think of when you see happy children playing?

Dr. Max Luscher's Color Personality Test

Select the below colors one by one. Choose the colors one by one that you like best first (from the best liked to the least liked) without relating them to clothes, curtains, cars or other things.

Please do not press the this page while taking the test. Doing this will give wrong interpretation. If you are not satisfied or have made a mistake while choosing a color we recommend that you close the browser and restart it and then take the test again.
Select the chosen color by clicking on the color.

Are there colors that you associate with power or evil? Is there a color for a soft spirit and maybe there is a color that you should wear to gain more respect. How true can this be? Take the color test to better figure out your personality.

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