Hedgehog Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Hedgehog Animal Totem Symbolism

Don’t let the hedgehog’s small size deter you from respecting it as a purposeful creature and spiritual totem. This animal knows how to take care of itself in the great big cruel world around it, and it does so with unmatched style and finesse. Its prickly quills provide it with a secure defense system that sends predators running.

No matter what danger they find themselves exposed to, the hedgehogs a spirit guides know how to act quickly and prevail, curling themselves into a seemingly cowardly ball while exposing their lethal quills to their attacker. They are calm, cool and collected in the face of adversity and teach us that we are capable of doing the same, no matter how small, powerless, and insignificant we may feel.

There are varying symbolic meanings associated with the cute little hedgehog, including protection, uniqueness, compliance, and intuition, to name a few. This increasingly popular pet is also a source of connection to the Earth and fertility, a symbol that most would find surprising and questionable.

However, there is a method to this seeming madness. The belly of a hedgehog lies very close to the ground, forging a deep connection with the physical Earth. This acts as a symbol of its closeness and connection to all that is fertile and full of life in the world. The hedgehog also frequently curls into the fetal position, which is certainly a sign of connection with the mother.

Hedgehog Associated Traits

Calm, Cool, Collected, Nurturing, Motherly, Relax, Comprehension, Gentle, Confident


Symbolic Meaning Of Hedgehog

The hedgehog spirit guide has also played a notable role in the diverse cultures of the world. In ancient Greek and Roman society, the hedgehog stood as a symbol of intelligence after people witnessed the creature’s ingenuity with retrieving grapes for sustenance.

Across the continent, in Iran and parts of central Asia, this spiky animal was associated with an abundant harvest and fertility of the land. These cultures also took symbolism from the physical appearance of the hedgehog; specifically, they believed that the wide and spanning quills represented the rays of the sun. As such, it was considered a powerful solar animal that also provided man with the gift of fire.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Date of Birth:

When a hedgehog animal totem toddles across your path, you can interpret it as a reminder to be strong and true to yourself. Even if you get the impression that others do not understand or agree with what you are doing, you should never feel that you need to curl up into a ball and hide.

Its quills are symbolic of the need for a bit of personal space sometimes so that you can reflect on your own doings. However, the hedgehog also reminds us (through its uncurling once a threat has disappeared) that we must not be afraid to unwind and reintegrate with our surroundings.

We must use and share the gifts that we have been given. We would do well to not be overly sensitive and take things so personally all the time. By developing and increasing our capacity to understand others, we can facilitate others comprehending our reality and where we are coming from.

If the hedgehog is your animal totem, you probably love to follow your own natural curiosities and explore. You are comfortable in doing this because, although you are gentle, you are also confident in your ability to protect yourself from harm.

As a person who thrives on positivity, you are learned in building defenses and protective barriers when need be, as you discourage and repel negativity. These fortresses that you construct are your own quills, and they allow you to proceed through challenging times in a practical way.

The hedgehog symbol may also present itself in the dreams of those who need it most. To see a hedgehog in this fashion suggests that you may be behaving in an over sensitive way. You are misreading the intentions of others and are over utilizing your defensive barriers.

A dreamed hedgehog symbolism sends us the message that behaving defensively can hurt others, something you may be feeling guilty about. Be loyal to yourself, yet honest with others around you and, by channeling the positive energy of the hedgehog, you will find your way out of any negative situation.

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