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Tarot Predictions for the Zodiacs

Tarot Predictions for Zodiac Signs

Luck will be with you but there is a catch… out for being too impulsive! Spontaneity is a wonderful thing in life and can bring color and richness. So too can impulse….sometimes. The Tarot predictions for the zodiacs are suggesting caution with impulsive initiatives this month, especially those where accepting an offer is concerned. It’s not that the offer is a bad one, it just seems there is another opportunity that hasn’t presented itself yet. When it does, it could tempt and even thrill you!


This may be a bit of a tough lunar month for you Aries. If you’ve been experiencing miscommunication or small (but annoying) problems relating to your finances and/or ability to generate income or long-term investments, things may come to a head early in this lunar month.


The solution to a significant issue seems to be right before your eyes but you’re just not able to see it yet. If a male appears on the scene with words of wisdom mid-month, take the time to listen. It’s up to you whether or not you act on anything but it seems this male is going to point you in the right direction.

The ‘right’ direction, however, may not be the one you want or thought you would be heading in. The end of the lunar month sees dissatisfaction in both your financial and emotional/mental spheres. This lunar month seems to be all about tough decisions and grappling with what you have rather than what you want to have. Good luck Aries, I’m sure next month will see you reaping the rewards from all this effort!



Taurus! This is a great lunar month for starting new ventures, including new jobs! The cards suggest there is a big improvement to your surroundings early this lunar month, which makes you very happy (last month was a bit tough, wasn’t it). Everything flows smoothly mid-lunar month and you can sit back calmly and assess ‘where to from here’.

The answer to that question seems to involve walking away from something, someone, or somewhere. Not to worry though Taurus, the Three of Cups, and the Four of Wands at the end of the lunar month suggest you’ll be celebrating with friends about whatever you choose to do!



Your recent smooth sailing seems to hit a rocky patch early this lunar month. You’re being asked to logically reassess your position and make the necessary changes in your psyche to get you on the right track. Sounds heavy, I know, but you’ve pulled up some very significant Major Arcana cards so it seems like it is truly a big deal.

You’ll feel this most in a mid-lunar month, so around the end of August. The HierophantThe ChariotJustice combination suggests it’s time for you to move to a new level of awareness, and as tough as this will be, Justice doesn’t usually let us get past this point unless we acknowledge what’s going on.

And that’s going to be the tough part for you Gemini, as it seems there’s something about your circumstances or outlook that you are choosing not to acknowledge. The cards suggest a little bit of self-deception here regarding a male or a financial/home security issue. Try not to worry too much about it Gemini, those major arcana cards have arrived for a reason so it will all work out for your benefit.

Tarot Predictions for the zodiacs


This lunar month could seem to be a bit up and down for you Cancer but the truth is that it’s all good and …..starts with a bang! Through sheer determination and staying the course, you’ll see a cherished wish come true at the beginning of the lunar month. Whatever it is, it brings you a wonderful sense of fulfillment and well-being. The cards seem connected with your home or material life and signal abundance and good fortune.

The mid lunar month brings a few restrictions though and seems to be linked to friends or a support group of some kind (this can include work colleagues). I don’t want you to worry about this because whatever happens seems to be karmic… which translates to ‘unavoidable’ and generally ‘for your good’!!!!! In your case this month, it seems you won’t immediately appreciate the benefits of this karmic influence and the temptation for you to slip into denial will be strong.

Try to resist ignoring the signs towards the end of the month as it could bring disappointment. Rather, the cards suggest if you have the strength to embrace this unstoppable force, you’ll have an energy surge that will bring you the fulfillment and earthy abundance promised by The Empress.


The focus this month is on new ventures Leo so if you are a Leo who is considering starting something new, moving home, or doing some serious renovating…. read this twice! There will be decisions to be made early on this lunar month but this is where I issue a big CAUTION! Take your time with this dear Leo as the Seven of Swords suggests deception of some kind is in the air.

This could be in the fine print of a new venture or it could be you deceiving yourself – knowing that something doesn’t feel 100% right but wanting to get started and dive in anyway. Taking time out here to reflect on the details will only benefit you now.

The cards suggest you may have to leave behind a previous idea or concept (totally), which may be a bit difficult for you to cope with right now because you’ve invested a lot in this venture/idea. Don’t fret though Leo, it seems like the end of the lunar month holds the golden moment when a new opportunity presents itself, one that is the real deal and has the promise of bringing you real happiness.


There are some karmic forces at work at the beginning of this lunar month, causing things to grind to a halt or come to an end. Whatever it seems superficial anyway so I doubt it will bother you for too long. The mid-lunar month sees a bit of action, either a holiday or the beginning of some decisive action.

Whichever it is, you may find your finances suffer a bit with this one – luckily not too much!! The end of the month is a very special moment for lovers or if you’re on your own, with something or someone you hold very dear. Enjoy!

Tarot Predictions for the zodiacs


The cards suggest you may be losing your self-confidence or can feel doubt creeping in, about a recent change that you thought would be for the better. Hang in there Libra as help is just around the corner and by mid-lunar month, you’ll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and make any minor corrections that may be required about your new venture.

It seems there was a lesson of some kind to be learned here Libra, associated with leading by the heart rather than the bottom line of your bank balance. For those of you who managed to sort that out, The Hierophant and The Emperor appear at the end of the lunar month to suggest you’ll reap some pretty hefty rewards from this experience as time goes on. Good on you!


Don’t be tempted to skip the hard work this month if you’re hoping to make a dream come true. Whilst the temptation to take shortcuts will be strong, it seems like anything other than good old hard work and patience just won’t work for you this lunar month. It’s going to be a frustrating month dear Scorpio but it ends with a bang as the Ace of Wands appears to bring you the driving force and energy you need to make that wish come true!

Tarot Predictions for the zodiacs


If you need to make a major decision early this lunar month Sagittarius, takes the road of the ‘educated guess’ rather than the ‘gut feeling’. The Hierophant suggests cold hard facts are the way to go in this instance and the closer you can get to those facts, the happier you’ll be with your choice.

It seems this is a big decision Sagittarius as the process continues well into the mid lunar month. The cards suggest there is a way forward that you haven’t considered yet and that will become clearer as the lunar month draws to an end. If you’re planning a holiday or a residential move at the end of the lunar month, be prepared for a few hiccups. Nothing significant, just be aware of potential problems so you can glide on through them if they arise!

Tarot Predictions for the zodiacs


This is a mixed month for you, dear Capricorn. The lunar month starts in great style, favoring any type of residential move, relocation, or significant holiday (e.g. overseas). Great cards for those of you who are involved in any one of those activities. If you’re not one of those Capricorns on the move, it’s most likely to be a new creative venture that brings your life back into alignment. Mid-lunar months see you feeling overburdened.

Is the Universe asking you to let go of something to move forward? That is always a tough decision and it looks like you’re not happy about it at all. Try not to get too down Capricorn as whilst you may feel a bit ‘lost’ and doubtful at the end of the lunar month, this new venture holds the promise of a very special bit of luck heading your way.

Tarot Predictions for the zodiacs


At the beginning of this lunar month Pisces, you’ll be seeing hope and positive outcomes where others are struggling to get through a tough situation – lucky you! The giddy good times continue into the mid-lunar month and life is just flowing very nicely for you.

Matters of the heart are looking good too, something everyone else will surely envy! I just need you to put the brakes on slightly as we get to the end of this lunar month as overconfidence or blind trust could lead you head-on into disappointment. It doesn’t look too serious Pisces and seems to be connected to work or some time of the task, but even so, try to keep your wits about you at this time.

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