Lizard Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Lizard Animal Totem Symbolism

The lizard animal totem is a reliable messenger from the spiritual realm. They are flexible and highly adaptive to their surroundings, capable of overcoming a plethora of adverse circumstances and personal attacks. Their ability to thrive in such conditions earns them the symbolism of being able to go with the flow and the inherent value of amalgamating in the wild.

Lizards take excellent care of themselves, and they incite us to do the same. Like other reptiles, their scurrying nature allows them to escape predators more easily. This further supports the idea of them as adaptable and quite literally shows why they symbolize quickness.

Lizards are also cold-blooded creatures, which incurs several harsh sounding attributes for them symbolically, such as shrewdness and introversion.

Lizard Reptile Associated Traits

Flexible, Adaptive, Spiritual, Quick, Shrewd, Trickster, Regeneration, Smart, Fast,


Symbolic Meaning Of Lizard

Lizards possess one of the most remarkable and unique sets of defense mechanisms in the animal kingdom. Not only can they move in a way that makes it difficult to be caught: they are also experts in camouflage, utilizing trickery to confuse their predators and remain safe. Even this is not the highlight of their defense system, though.

When the lizards are caught by a predator, they are capable of shedding their tail in order to escape, leaving their captor completely boggled long enough to scurry away under rocks or into the jungle. Of course, they are able to grow it back with time, but the act still symbolic of quite a sacrifice in the name of survival. This act is a literal symbol of regeneration and shows us that we are capable of symbolically doing this ourselves. The new tail is also a symbol of growth and rebirth.

When lizard animal totems regrow the tail that they have shed, they are literally regenerating something that is lost. If these creatures can physically regrow a lost limb, then we can certainly regenerate parts of our soul metaphorically. All of these profound capabilities are gifts that should be appreciated and revered.

We, too, possess gifts, albeit not of the same literal nature. It’s our responsibility to exercise and utilize them at appropriate times so that we can take care of ourselves and live happily and freely, like the lizard. Although we may not have the same type of physical predator, there are still forces in life that are out to get us and prevent us from succeeding in all that we want.

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Individuals who gravitate to lizard symbols are prone to repetition and often find themselves going through the same cycles. While this can be positive, it is more often negative and unproductive. You are not prone to this out of fear of breaking the norm.

Actually, lizard meanings show that you are typically very sound with facing fears. Rather, your personal energy thrives off of recreating. Exercise this process and attention to detail to ensure that you are not just riding the same Ferris Wheel over and over again. Use your talents in new endeavors in addition to perfecting the old.

When a lizard spirit guide comes scurrying across your path, it is time to do some soul-searching. The lizard prompts you to take a good, hard look deep within yourself and determine what is driving you along your path. Is your ego reigning supreme or are you acting from your heart? It is crucial to take this introspection seriously, as our egos are masters of deception.

In our search for inner truth, we may have to peel back many superficial layers and address issues and facts that make us uncomfortable. In order to focus on our dreams, we must focus and listen to what our hearts are truly telling us.

Sometimes, our minds throw a wrench into the mix, but you can always rely on the good intentions of our hearts. If you see the lizard symbolism in your dreams, the little guy is reminding you of those gifts hidden just beneath the surface. To be fulfilled and manage your well-being comprehensively, it is your own responsibility to use these gifts. Otherwise, they are an unfortunate waste.

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  1. I was sitting meditating by the ocean when I noticed a lizard on the rock just in front of me. It stared at me, and I felt some sort of connection. I spoke in my mind that if it was a spirit guide it would come near me. After some time it came right up close to me on that rock and continued to stare. At one point it rested it’s head in trust. Truly beautiful experience

  2. I have been seeing lizards everywhere since yesterday I did my 10 day fast. So much so that this morning I had a moth flutter to my window, which made me instantly think of the moth totem, and then a large bright green lizard cake right up and ate the moth in front of my eyes. I think this is a symbolic shift from Moth to Lizard totem because I’ve connected with Moth totem in the past.

  3. I saw a dead lizard in front of my door inside my building this evening. I think its a sign that a cycle has ended for real now.

  4. I was in a three days fast, today being the last day. A lizard showed up where was doing my prayer, at that moment I knew it’s a sign.

    Thank you for this insightful m, revelation. 🙏🏽📿🕯️🇿🇦

  5. I have a lizard living in my work van, I think it’s a female and nesting… Does this situation do anything to intensify the meaning of a lizard?

  6. A lizard ok my bathroom and didn’t even try to run . We boxed it and set it free . This all happening a day after a 2 hour spiritual drum session 🙂

  7. While i was praying i had a vision of a lizard walking and right after a dog or wolf appeared tunning to the top of a cliff looming

  8. Thank you so much for this! I feel it so deep, I’m surprised. I saw a little lizard look me deep in the eye, while I was stopped at a stop light today, I know he was speaking directly to my soul. I was still not sure if I was staring at a small stone on a brick wall as I stared at him, but he ran along side me, as I took my foot off the brake pedal and started to roll! I got the message loud and clear little friend 🙏🏼Thank you!

    • Wow! I can relate to this too. Everytime I go to a small park near LA River I sit on a stone porch, right behind which lives a small lizard. Usually I just sit there and relax or listen to C.Castaneda audiobook. And can you imagine, this lizard shows up every time I’m ther?!. And he/she is observing me, crawling around..but not too close:) Sometimes he blends with the dry leaves on the ground, but I can still hear the sounds of the leaves, and trace his/her movement:)

    • Thanks you for enlighten , l just had a dream about a huge gecko first it was trapped and l was passing by when l set it loose it clang on to me . Second dream l was walking with my children and there were about three geckos following me and my children it seemed like they were hungry. One sure thing l can relate to is things happening over and over again . I have to dig in deep . Thank you

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