Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Sigil Magick – An Introduction

What is Sigil Magick

As the gold, metallic paint is drying on the Basalt stone Sigils (magickal symbols) have been used in magick for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years by African, Norse, Celtic, and Roma practitioners, to name just a few.

In modern magick, we create Sigils as symbolic images of our intention. We can then use that Sigil to cast a spell to create the outcome we desire.

Sigil Magick has been one of the most consistently reliable forms of spell work for me. It’s accessible to Practitioners at every level of knowledge. I’ve utilized them to get amazing apartments in NYC, to attract interesting people when I was traveling alone, and to attract extra money when I needed it. They have been remarkably reliable.

Sigils with Basalt Stones

Not long ago, I got the inspiration to start making my Sigils with basalt stones. Basalt is formed from volcano fire. It’s born of fire and holds fire. Feeling into that, I realized how well it would hold the energy and heat of intention. I have designed different Sigils for every intention (the ones above aren’t for the intentions listed here).

I paint them with water-based, non-toxic gold metallic paint, making each Sigil with three layers of gold paint to seal in the intention with each layer. The stone and hand-painted Sigil comes with directions to perform a Sigil spell.

After you make the order, I’ll email you the very detailed instructions that take you step-by-step through the process of the spell work to “activate” the stone Sigil. There are a few common ways to activate a Sigil, but these are special instructions for the way I, personally, activate them. Different from how many others do it. And, as I said, they have worked for me repeatedly.

I offer these Stone Sigils with the highest intentions, with gratitude for the basalt stones, and with a desire for the people who order from me to create the lives they really want. I offer them because Sigil magick has been so important to me, and I want to share this particular kind of Sigil as well as the spell directions for activating it.

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