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Three Card Tarot Spread for the Day: Two Ladies and a Gentleman

Tarot Spread

Today, I am going to share my three-card tarot spread of the day. My technique for a card Tarot Spread is to draw one card from each of my three tarot decks: the Gilded, the Deviant Moon, and the Fenestra using these meanings for each card:


1. Gilded – Daily Focus

2. Deviant Moon – Subconscious Influences

3. Fenestra – Source of Healing

Today’s draw: Queen of Wands – The Hermit IX – Nine of Cups

Queen of Wands

This lady could easily be me today, as I did wake up with more energy than I have in the past few weeks. She is dressed in an opulent orange gown, with gold sleeves and a purple cape trimmed with blue. At first, I thought her hair was the same orange highlighted with gold, but it is a hood, completely masking her hair.


She stands next to a giant flaming wand, a tall pedestal with a golden disk set aflame. In her hand is another wand, which she is holding at an angle as if she were expecting the flame to come out of the bottom of the wand instead of the top.


Her message is to harness the energy I’ve been given, to reach my goals with enthusiasm. Use the tools I have in whatever way is necessary to get the job done. I am to expect that things will go my way, through my efforts. I can feel rich and confident because I am fully capable of doing what needs to be done. The light comes from within me, not from inside the wand.


Three Card Tarot Spread

The Hermit

This Hermit is unclothed, sitting under a bridge in an industrial city. He reminds me of a homeless person, who is down on their luck. He is curled up, knees together, one arm over his head. His other hand covers his eye with the fingers spread, as though he were merely peeking out in fear. Beside him, there is a dead fish, with a skull, which could have been his companion or his evening meal. He looks both afraid and withdrawn as if the outside world were too much for him to handle. However, his eye that is closed looks at peace as he reflects on his inner self.

His message is not to be afraid of what I find today. I need to take the time to reflect, to do the interior work needed to get through the day. Explore the depths within me to find peace of mind. The outside world may be scary, and I have many challenges. Yet if I withdraw and find myself, I will be able to face them at my own pace.

Nine of Cups

This lady looks very smug and sure of herself. She is sitting on a plush blue pillow, with the nine cups on ledges behind her. She is wearing a simple red robe, yet it is lined with a thick fur collar. The lady wears three necklaces and three bracelets on each arm. Her dark hair is flowing down around her face. Her hands are folded, one atop the other.

The eyes are turned up ever so slightly, as though she knows a secret that I don’t. Her mouth is in a slight smile. She reminds me of the Mona Lisa, very mysterious and satisfied with her secrets.

She is giving me the chance to be just as satisfied as she is today. I can be perfectly comfortable in my skin and circumstances. Although life is often not extravagant, there are many simple pleasures I can be happy with and proud of. I can relax, and be at peace.

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