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Birth Date and Playing Card Calculator

The creation of a Playing Card Astrology Reading is based on your date of birth. Different personality trends are associated with each card and with each suit. The knowledge of your card and the particulars about it can lead you to a better understanding of yourself there is an excellent playing card calculator provided is quick and accurate and entirely free. Get your Playing Card Astrology Reading!

Astrologers and fortune tellers have used playing cards and cards in general, for many hundreds of years and they are still very popular tools for divination. It is quite amazing to see that a simple pack of cards can be used for true divination. They are certainly one of the more common methods for trying to find guidance through predictions.

The art of card reading is often called Cartomancy. The practice began in the 18th century and it is one of the older forms of divination. Card reading can range from a lighthearted yes or no question to a very serious reading that utilizes methods that allow the reader to give information about the past, present and future of the questioner.

Cards have often been used for purposes other than just playing games. Each card has a connection to a specific birthday. And there are characteristics of the card that will be seen in the individual linked to that card. The “birth card” is the playing card associated to your birth date as the MasterCard.

The standard deck has 52 cards for the weeks in the year. Four suits for the quarters of the year and 13 cards in each suit representing the weeks in the quarter. When you add the Joker the 365 days of the year are represented. So you find yourself asking if the deck was originally created to represent the year.

It is said that black cards are representative of male power while the red cards represent feminine powers. And of course the 12 face cards are representative of the months in the year. It is an interesting correlation.

The suits are also representative of the traditional four elements and astrology and of course seasons: Diamonds represent earth and autumn, Spades represent air and the winter, hearts represent water and spring, and clubs represent fire and summer.

Each suit also has traits of character and personality associated with it. An awareness of the character traits represented by the card can aid in a fuller knowledge of another individual or yourself.

Playing Card Astrology Reading

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