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Feng Shui – What is Feng Shui and What it is Not…

Is Feng Shui Really Effective?

Unfortunately, most people’s impression of Feng shui is that it is about Bagua mirrors, hanging wind chimes, placing a resin money toad/tortoise/dragon somewhere in the house, putting the toilet seat down and having the correct color and amount of fish in an aquarium.

All these things are there to reinforce positive thoughts and are a mixture of simplified Feng Shui, myth, and Chinese superstition and not used by Traditional Chinese Feng Shui consultants. In fact, there are many types of Feng Shui used today. For details of all the different Feng Shui Schools of thought, you need to read about the different Feng Shui Schools.

#1. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Work?

How does Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Work? You do not need to believe that traditional Feng shui will work or continuously reinforce positive thoughts in order for it to bring about positive changes – it just does because it deals directly with the matter. Objects that take up space and have mass are called matter. Everything around us is made up of matter.

In the west, we classify matter as being either a solid, a liquid, or a gas and it is the temperature that alters one state of matter into another (heat water which is a liquid and it becomes a gas or vapor in the form of steam). The ancient Chinese also knew that everything was not made of the same stuff, but divided these different energies (or Qi) into five basic types, which we know as the Five Elements.

Some of these energies are in harmony with each other; some are in conflict. Put in simple terms, we know that fire and water are very different from one another and when to put together, one always overcomes the other, depending upon the quantities involved. This in basic terms, is conflict. Equally, water is different from wood, but trees and plants take in water to survive. This is harmony between two different types of matter.

#2. How can Feng Shui help me?

You yourself have a specific kind of energy that is very different from others. Your home or workplace also has its own kind of energy that is different again. The basic principle of Feng Shui is to balance all these different energies. A Feng shui consultant will specifically analyze these energies to see how they interact and work to set free any blockages or stagnant areas, thus ensuring that your space is beneficial, not in conflict, and acting against you.

Once you and your surroundings are in harmony and not in conflict, life runs smoothly, allowing you to be in the right place at the right time and to always take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

This is the essence of what a traditional Feng shui consultant will examine throughout the course of a consultation. By using simple, subtle cures we can bring harmony into every aspect of your life, including relationships, wealth, health, vibrancy, and well being.

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For details of the cures used, please see Feng Shui Cures. Applied correctly, Feng shui is amazingly accurate and effective. Badly undertaken, however, it can have little or no effect or even worse, have negative effects. Make sure you get the right advice!

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