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Porcupine Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Porcupine Animal Totem Symbolism

The porcupine animal totem is a silly-looking animal that makes its home mainly in the forests of North America. This small animal is about the size of the average house cat, and maybe even a little smaller than that. The only thing that makes this animal even a little fearsome is the animal’s sharp barbs that poke outside of its body.

Luckily, this animal isn’t vicious and does its best not to cause any trouble. It only uses its barbs when it needs to, out of self-defence in almost all cases.

These barbs help to protect this small animal, who without the barbs would be utterly defenceless. The actions, as well as their physical characteristics, and myths from North American cultures help to define this animal’s symbolism.

Porcupine Associated Traits

Toughness, Warrior, Strength, Fearlessness, Protection, Family, Mating, Deception, Maternal, Kindness, Humbleness


Symbolic Meaning Of Porcupine

It should be obvious that the porcupine’s barb is one of the biggest factors that makes it stand out amongst the other small animals that roam through the forests of North America. One Native American tribe in specific, the Arapaho, noticed the porcupine’s barbs and thought that it was much more than a relatively harmless creature. Instead, the Arapaho thought that the porcupine was able to wonderfully symbolize a tough warrior or soldier.

These Native American’s were inspired by the porcupine spirit guide when it came to battle. The porcupine spiritual totem seemed to show no fear when they were faced with a deadly predator. The porcupine seemed to know that its barbs would be able to save it, which they nearly always did. The Arapaho learned a lot from the porcupine symbolism, and even used it as a symbol for strength, fearlessness, and protection.

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Some cultures also symbolize the porcupine symbolic meanings with traits that relate to the family. The question you might be asking yourself is, what do porcupines have to do with family? A porcupine is one of the animals that pick a partner and soul mate for life. This is rare for many species of animals, especially for rodents, who usually mate with many partners and have hundreds of children.

Porcupines usually only have one baby at a time, and sometimes only one baby in their lifetime. Even though the porcupine cannot reproduce as often as other rodents, they will still mate with each other for their entire lives. This is a great way to symbolize family, especially a healthy marriage. Although humans can have more children than a porcupine, some of them still mate for life as well. It’s kind of a romantic notion in porcupines, and it is especially a romantic idea in humans. This is something that humans can learn from this animal.

The porcupine animal totem can also symbolize hidden meanings and deception. The porcupine makes its home in holes under the ground. In its little hidden home is can make sure that it is even safer than walking around with quills on its back.

The porcupine spirit guide is an animal of safety. That seems to be the porcupine’s number one concern. This gives it somewhat of a maternal symbol surrounding it. The porcupine cares for itself, stays with its partner, and makes sure that their baby is safe. This simple little creature does a lot during its short life. This small creature can symbolize so many small things like humbleness, kindness, maternal instinct, family and security.

There is much that humans can learn from the small porcupine. The porcupine animal symbol seems to have a timid nature, but it doesn’t let that get in the way of living it’s life. You too can be like the porcupine. There is many things that you can use for security in your own life even if you cannot grow barbs or burrow a hole into the ground. You can use your own personal strengths to make your way in this world, just like the porcupine animal totem.

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