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Pluto In Cancer: Meaning, Significance And Personality Traits

The Pluto In Cancer: Significance and Meaning

What it means to have Pluto in Cancer? These people have powerful instincts and are very loving.

Element And Quality: Water & Cardinal

Celebrities: Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama, J.F. Kennedy, Che Guevera, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood

Positive Keywords: Imaginative, Instinctive, Caring, Dependent, Emotional, Helpful, Protective, Understanding

Negative Keywords: Shy, Panicking, Aloof, Manipulative, Dominating,


The Pluto In Cancer: Personality


As a water sign in astrology, Cancer feels everything very deeply. This is why Pluto in Cancer often needs to figure out what’s going on. They are highly intuitive and can read any situation, but they are always curious whether or not there’s more going on behind the scenes.



Pluto represents change through generations, rebirth, spiritual awakening, power, and obsession. Because they are a homebody, Pluto in Cancer tends to shy away from change. They like a stable environment where they feel comfortable at all times. And, when something tries to disrupt that they don’t know what to do. (Read about the Cancer man or Cancer woman).

The Pluto In Cancer

Positive Traits of the Pluto in Cancer

Pluto in Cancer is very caring and giving. They will do whatever is necessary to protect the ones they love. Their sensitivity is unmatched. But this also means others can try to take advantage of them when they are at their weakest.


So what they do is turn the tables to maintain some semblance of control of the situation. For once they feel it’s gone, they too will feel lost in a sea of doubt. And that’s when they can start to panic and retreat to the place they feel safest. (Get your free planets in signs reading).


Once they are forced to make a decision, they will always go with their gut. While they aren’t the most logical people, they often understand the depths of a difficult situation.

Negative Traits of the Pluto in Cancer

The only way for Cancer in Pluto zodiac sign people to go through any transformation is if they are forced to go through their job, family, or relationships. And if pushed too far, they can try to manipulate the situation to gain more control. They tend to play off of others’ emotions to try and dominate the conversation and mold things to fit their desire.

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But this is never done maliciously. It’s only because of the emotional outbursts that they have to think this way at times. Otherwise, it would be possible for people to walk all over them.



Like the crab that symbolizes this star sign, they hide away in their shell until the coast is clear. This can be a hindrance for them at times, especially when they are the only ones who can deal with the mess. Sometimes they leave things for a while, making the problem more difficult to resolve in the end.


It’s difficult even for Pluto in Cancer to deal with any change, but they have to learn to embrace it if they are to move forward in life. If they look at it as a way to enhance their home life or family life they will begin to process the developments better. And when negative change occurs, they can rely on their family and friends to get them through the rough patches.


It’s inevitable that bad things will happen, and they have to be cautious not to get dragged down into depression. Their feelings are so strong it can pull them under if they aren’t careful.

But if they can focus on searching for the higher meanings in life, they won’t be so bogged down by the lesser details of reality. Their emotions can be tailored toward positive reinforcement. They have an excellent opportunity to strengthen their intuition for spiritual growth; all they have to do is take it.

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