Understanding The Cancer Woman

Understanding The Cancer Woman

Being the first water sign in the zodiac, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This explains why a Cancer woman’s mood ebbs and flows like the tides. It is hard to describe this complex creature, but there are some similarities that stand out among these women.

The first is how sensitive this woman can be, not only to her own needs but also to the needs of others. Her deeply caring nature always shines through, making this one of the more sympathetic signs. It’s because of this that the Cancer woman often feels an array of emotions all at once, without much control.

But it’s also why she is very much in tune to other people’s feelings, and this intuitive gift strengthens her instincts in other areas of her life. She wants to help improve any situation she can, which makes her a wonderful mother, partner, and employee.

It may seem like an emotional woman would not be a great candidate for challenging jobs, but the Cancer woman is determined. Once she makes up her mind to do something, she does it. Because of her strong intuition, she will find every opportunity available to solve a problem, and then dedicate herself to solving it.

Her attention to detail serves her well in a variety of positions, and the Cancer female knows how to manage difficult people and events. If she does become emotional, it’s usually because she cares so deeply about finding the right answer. But once she does, she will defend it and work hard to implement it to the best of her ability.

understanding cancer woman

This tenacity continues into her friendships as well. She is very loyal, but only after you have gained her trust. And the only way to do that is be completely honest and upfront with this cautious woman. She may take a while to warm up to you, as she takes her time reading into someone’s personality. But once she offers her approval, you will be friends for a long time, even if it becomes over a great distance.

Cancer women will always take the time and make the effort to maintain a connection with all of her closest friends, as long as you continue to offer your love and support. This is crucial, for she can be hurt very easily. And when she is hurting, she may not let you know until she is ready to trust you again. But the lack of communication, which was there on a regular basis, will be the first indication that you stepped over the line.

It is because of these powerful emotions that a Cancer woman loves so passionately. She is very protective of her family and her relationships, and will do whatever it takes to keep them healthy and strong. This means she can be very independent one minute, and then craving for attention and encouragement the next.

This can be confusing for some, but those who exhibit patience and loyalty will find themselves in a very satisfying relationship. She will listen, console, and empathize with whatever you are feeling.

And because of this deep bond that will grow between you, she will develop a loving, nurturing environment that will enhance all of her good qualities and yours. Your shared passion will extend to the bedroom, and she will ensure all of your needs are met.

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