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Lucky Feng Shui Plants For Your Home

6 Lucky Feng Shui Plants

It’s no surprise that people turn to nature to heal their souls and revitalize their bodies. But there is nothing like a walk along the ocean side, a stroll through a forest. So, developing perfect Feng Shui, at home, can bring similar effects. With all the right elements in place, one can cultivate a positive, relaxing, and revitalizing atmosphere. So, there are a couple of key guidelines you can follow for placing lucky Feng Shui plants in the house. For example, creating a beautiful garden, no matter how small, is always one of the basic elements on the list. But nowadays everyone has the luxury of having the extra space to potter about in the garden.


But, if you don’t have a garden and your space just doesn’t allow, for this simple pleasure there is no need to fret. The truth is that, if you’re a bit creative and mindful of your space this can be brought into the house in a small, simple way. Choose the right positioning household plants in the Bagua areas of your home.

Never underestimate the nutritional elements of household plants that bring with them calming, healing effects that build on your overall atmosphere.


Hence plant life carries with it health, and well-being benefits that are known to influence, everything from concentration and stress levels. And happiness and a host of other positive attributes. So if you are looking to add some décor to your house, why not consider a plant or two?

Feng Shui Plants for Good Luck

Of course, each type of plant brings a different energy, it just takes a little bit of research to find the right fit for your home and what you are trying to achieve.


If you’re in search of the perfect plant life to bring good fortune, then you’re in luck as we explore the Feng Shui plant life that can cultivate good luck and serendipity.

If it’s prosperity, good luck, and fortune you are trying to attract insiders to the following plants:

Lucky Feng Shui Plants: Examples

#1.  Lucky Bamboo

This plant is a typical indoor plant considered to bring luck because of represents all the Feng Shui elements: water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. If the number of stalks found on the lucky bamboo each has its significant meaning. So a lucky bamboo plant said to bear between 6-9 stalks brings good luck.


If it’s luck, you’re after be sure to take note of the number of stalks found on your Lucky Bamboo to enhance your fortune. While this is a simple guideline each number of stalks does come with its benefits and specific meanings you can decide on the atmosphere you are trying to create by considering this.

#2. The Money tree

A money tree is another plant that brings the owner good luck. The number of braids found in the plant also plays a significant role in the “luck” to work. But the truth is that the energy of this plant, despite its braids, attracts wealth and joy by helping to aid in spiritual growth, good health, and wealth.

But it is a low-maintenance plant that relies on a sunny, tropical climate to grow at its best. Because of its self-sustaining nature, it is easy to take care of and an ideal choice for attracting positive energy across all areas of life.

#3. Basil

This is often an overlooked choice. You’ll find it in most veggie gardens, ripe for the picking and ready to toss into a fresh salad, but basil is as much of an indoor option to add to your Feng Shui. Attributed with love, passion, and wealth, it is also known to bring luck and beauty to your home.

The magical properties of basil are endless. It is known to be used in a variety of ways when it comes to cooking. You can buy your basil seeds if you want to grow it from the grown-up. However, a potted basil plant was placed in the northwest Bagua area of the home. It is also known for its blessings. It can add to the luck that this plant brings to the home.

#4. Orchid

When you’re trying to cultivate good fortune and luck, it is the Orchid. It represents love and friendship. But, the ancient Greeks believed that orchids brought good luck to fertility and virility.

Feng shui lucky plant

But, one might not be looking to be a new parent, that good luck orchid being transferable to just about any situation. Hence, this household plant’s natural beauty and good energy, make it the perfect Feng Shui plant.

#5. Jade Plant

Jade Plant, is a very lucky plant. It is different from the plants mentioned above in that it falls into the succulent group. It is placed in the entrance to bring prosperity, not only to those but also to those who walk through the door. It’s a subtle pink, and white flowers and its bonsai-like qualities make it an attractive and popular home plant.

#6. Shamrock plant

The Shamrock plant is the ‘luck of the Irish’ because of the clover-like shaped leaves. So, this plant symbolizes spiritual well-being. Its leaf represents the trinity. In Western culture, the number 3 (represented in the leaf of the plant) is also considered a lucky number.

So balancing the energy of your home can easily be achieved by the right plants. When it comes to considering luck start with these 6 plants.

Dreaming of Plants

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