Moose Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Moose Animal Totem Symbolism

The moose is a large deer-like mammal that makes its home in the northernmost parts of the United States and Canada. The moose animal guide can also be found in some northern parts of Europe, but they are known as elk in those parts of the world, and are slightly different from their American relatives. This article will be focusing on the symbolism around the North American moose. The moose is a large creature, and it has some many symbolic meanings surrounding it. The moose also has special dream symbolism as well.

The moose spirit guide is a large animal, sometimes being as tall as six feet and weighing over half a ton. The male moose can even have antlers that can be as long as five feet from one end to the other. These antlers are not simply for show though. The male moose often might each other with their antlers, especially during mating season. Of course, the male moose isn’t the only strong one in the group.

Mother moose can be frightening strong if they need to be. They mostly use their strength when their babies are in danger. In the right scenario, they can be just as scary as a mother bear who is trying to protect her cubs. The moose animal spirit doesn’t only use their strength for fighting each other or fending off predators. Though the moose is so large that is does not have many natural predators, they also use their strength for various endurance activities.

For example, even though they may not look like it, moose are excellent swimmers. They can also run rather fast for their size as well. It takes a lot of food to fill and energize this large creature, but the moose somehow manages to get all its food without eating other animals. The moose is usually a gentle herbivore, and it only attacks when provoked. All these traits play a big part in defining the moose animal symbolism.

Moose Associated Traits

Gentle, Strong, Brave, Dominating, Powerful, Courageous, Fast, Enduring, Agile, Communal, Graceful, Adaptive


Symbolic Meaning Of Moose

One of the most obvious things that a moose animal totem symbolizes is strength and power. The sheer size of this animal gives it a certain prestige. This isn’t an animal that you want to upset. The strength of the male moose can also symbolize bravery and courage. They aren’t afraid to fight for what they want, even if it could result in a broken antler or death.

The mother moose totem’s strength does a great job of symbolizing motherhood and family. The mother moose cares so much for her baby that she will do anything she can to protect them. This also symbolizes solidarity and togetherness. The moose’s speed on land and in water can also symbolize endurance, agility, speed, adaptiveness, and grace. There are so many things that the moose totem can symbolize in itself, which is probably why it has even inspired a human creation myth.

Native American Astrology Sign

Date of Birth:

Long ago the Potawatomi Native Americans told each other a myth about the creation of man on the earth. The myth says that the world was barren of humans except for one lonely Potawatomi woman. The planet was full of animals though. The woman was supposed to pick one of these animals to be her mate for life, to give birth to all future humans on the earth. She told all of the animals of the forest and the air that she was looking for a suitable husband to father her children.

Many animals came forward and auditioned to be the woman’s husband, but she turned all of them away. She was wandering in the forest sadly one day, upset that she could not find a husband. While she was walking, she came upon a majestic moose. She saw many wonderful qualities in the moose, from his gracefulness to his mighty strength. The woman decided that the moose would be her husband, and he agreed. They then went on to populate the earth. The myth says that humans still have a little moose symbolism in them today.

While humans may not have actually descended from the moose, it easily could be said that humans have a little bit of the moose’s traits and symbolism within them. Humans can learn a lot from the moose animal totem about strength, protection, and grace. The moose does not harm unless it needs to, which is something that everyone can apply to their own life, as well as the many other symbolic traits that come from this totem animal, the moose.

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  1. Is that a moose? The antlers aren’t moose like!!

    • I had a very big bull moose show up at my house out in the country in Salem Oregon. We stood looking at each other and I went inside to get my phone to take a picture and it was gone in a flash. All I found was a large footprint that was sort of of a squashed circle. I reported it to fish and wildlife and the guy didn’t believe me. I looked it up to find out what it was and the picture of the moose totally matched what I’d seen so I’m now very disallusioned with our wildlife people.

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