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4 Fitness WorkOuts Outside The Gym

How To Make Exercise Fun?

Lets face it we all know we should exercise more, but its hard. We have the demands of work, a relationship, a family, a busy social life, friends to see, movies to go to and there is down time, sleep and do nothing time. So sometimes it is hard to get exercise in during our busy working week or even weekend.

Here are some tips to get you exercising whatever type you choose to do. The key principle to workout outside the gym is to do some exercise you enjoy. Also that is not too arduous, boring or repetitive.

Gym Vs Outdoors

Think about whether you are an outside or inside exercise type of person. Some people love gyms with their music blaring. It is almost deafening. Hyped up occupants, whilst they groan, strain against the music constantly narcissistically viewing themselves in the mirror. As if they are almost trying to see if they have gotten more beautiful, more handsome since the workout began;-). That is great if it is for you. Go along and sign up.

However if you are like me, you have decided after many years of trying on and off, gyms are just not your thing! This may actually be you and why you have not been exercising.

All your friends, work colleagues, even your partner may be saying, go to the gym, you will feel good. Inside you know you want to go against the “cult” and do some other type of exercise, you are not sure what!

Anyway so you may decide this artificial exercise camp (read prison camp!) is not your cup of tea.

Also remember, that gyms harbor infection in usage of machines and also in their air conditioning. Lots of people still go to the gym when sick. They are so into keeping up an appearance. Outside exercise avoids all of this.

Some people love gyms with their music blaring

Outdoor Fitness Workout Options

#1. Walk Or Jog

Instead you may prefer a much healthier walk, run or jog outside. That way you breath in fresh air and if by the sea, salt air, which is great for overall well-being.

If you are studying, someone who thinks a lot or a writer, a walk, a jog or a run by the sea or in it is very inspirational and often gets rid of any cobwebs far more than any stinky gym.

The disadvantage of outdoor weather is of course you need to wrap up when it is cold or wet, or if really bad weather skip a day. Scientists have said years ago that doing exercise 3-4 times a week of fairly active workouts lasting 30-40 minutes is all you need!

For someone who thinks a lot or a writer, a walk, a jog or a run by the sea or in it is very inspirational

#2. Swimming

As an alternative to a run you might want to do swimming either in the sea, in the lake or the local swimming pool. If you don’t like it when it is really crowded go at the end of the day. Swimming along with walking is perhaps one of the most natural exercises you can do.

It is also low impact so it is hard to go wrong unlike gym or running/jogging. You will feel great and will build that upper body muscle naturally anyway. It will look better and more smoothly toned than pumping weights for hours on end.

Swimming is an excellent exercise

#3. Running

Another exercise similar to walking is jogging or running. Again this is best done somewhere nice like round a park or a lake or by the sea. If you can’t do this put on some good music and mind your step with the traffic and people but imagine you are somewhere nicer!

If you are jogging or running, try and do so on soft path, not concrete or hard surfaces. Scientific studies have proven that over the course of time this weakens your knee joints and you can get all sorts of complications. Running on hard grass and a trail is fine and more suitable for your legs.

Another exercise similar to walking is jogging or running.

#4. Canoeing & Kayaking

If you want to do exercise but would like something more adventurous, why not take up canoeing or kayaking. There are schools where you learn the basics. It is a great way to build upper body strength and muscle as well as getting aerobic exercise, often in beautiful surroundings.

Lakes are best to start with since they represent a flat surface. They often have some wildlife too perfect for taking pictures. Perhaps not a bad idea to take a cheap water proof camera just in case!

If you want to do exercise but would like something more adventurous, why not take up canoeing or kayaking.

So as you can see next time you feel you should exercise…and the only images that come to mind are grunting and groaning in a crowded, noisy, hyper active gym, think about all the alternatives.

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There are lots! This may in fact be the reason you have not been exercising. You want to exercise and society makes you think the gym is the only way but it is in fact just one of many and you need to find the exercise that suits your personality, your creativity, your own unique self:-)

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