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November 11 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On November 11th

November 11 Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS NOVEMBER 11, then you are likely to be a person who is flexible, creative and sensitive. Usually, this Scorpio birthdate person is energetic as well as expressive. Although you can be idealistic, you have focused ability.

Discipline and resilience are two solid foundations that make up the 11 November birthday personality. Additionally, you are open to new and fresh ideas, as you are an innovative entrepreneur. You like having the freedom to roam about usually seeking some excitement.

IF YOUR BIRTHDAY IS NOVEMBER 11, then you are likely a person who is flexible, creative and sensitive. If today is your birth date, you like to be alone but now and again, it is better to have two heads than one. The possibilities are endless with someone who is like-minded.

The November 11 birthday meanings predict that you are caring individuals who are inspired to learn. You generally make decisions based on your instinct and wisdom. However, you will not depend on anyone else to make your mind up for you.

Your inner workings show outside through your emotions and facial expressions. There are times when you do not need any words to express how you feel. As the 11th November birthdate zodiac sign is Scorpio, you are compassionate and have a big heart. But along with that comes your sense of purpose and duty. You believe that one should help his fellow men.

With this in mind, you may work in fields that help empower people. As a service to others, you are well-respected in your neighborhood and community. Career options for the November 11 zodiac birthdate people are numerous. You may find that a profession in music or acting fuels your imagination.

As an idealist, you long for the security of a close relationship. This is what you feel you need in order to be totally happy. Having this birthday characteristic may turn you into an obsessive lover or one that is without reason, insecure. You provide a sense of support for others but cannot seem to find a common ground for yourself. However, you have many friends to turn to.

Let’s talk about your career and finances. Having your name displayed on the door makes you feel good. Making others feel better comes easy to you. The November 11 birthdate astrology analysis shows that you would be an awesome therapist or consultant. This Scorpio is often found in the classroom teaching or learning.

What your birth day November 11 says about you is that you have a good business sense as well as you give good personal advice. With your ability to read people, you would make a favorable therapist. You are tactful but can be forthright. For this reason, people will follow you.

Naturally, you want a job that provides you with personal satisfaction and an emotional attachment. You do not mind hard work or long hours, as any successful person does not work a typical 9-5 workday.

The November 11 birthday horoscope predicts that you may appear to be breakable but are actually strong people. In health, you get the most of out of your natural energy. You live an active lifestyle and avoid getting depressed. Occasionally, you may feel down and out but it does not last for very long.

Being the adventurous one, you will find new challenges to conquer. This is just a part of being a Scorpio. You do not live by society’s rules but rather, you set standards that some people want to follow.

The 11 November  birthday personality is not perfect but you like to learn. This quality just makes you smarter than the average person. There is a lot to do in this world and you enjoy living. Mostly, you take advantage of your freedom.

november 11 scorpio birthday calendarYou are not happy when tied down but want to be in a committed relationship. When people need advice, they come to you. As someone born on November 11, you have the ability to get into people’s minds and souls. There are times when you run out of energy and become depressed. Otherwise, you are in good sound health.

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Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – November 11th In History:

1503 – Newly elected, Julius II takes the seat as Pope.
1926 – Route 66 is completed.
1957 – June Carter exchanges vows with Edwin Nix.
2004 – Yasser Arafat dies today.

Famous Birthdays On 11th November:

Lavell Crawford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Vinny Guadagnino, Demi Moore, Daniel Ortega, Willie Parker, Jonathan Winters

November 11 Birthdate Sign: You Fall Under Zodiac Sign Scorpio

November 11 Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Vrishchika Rashi

November 11 Chinese Zodiac Symbol: PIG

November 11 Birth Planet: Your ruling planet is Mars that symbolizes aggression, ambitions, confrontations and competition.

November 11 Birthday Symbols: The Scorpion Is The Symbol For The Scorpio Zodiac Sign

November 11 Birthday Tarot Card: Your Birthdate Tarot Card is Justice. This card symbolizes good decisions, rational thinking, logic and balance.

November 11 Birthday Compatibility:
You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Cancer: This is a very compatible and stable match between two emotional people.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Taurus: This relationship will be stubborn and opinionated.

November 11 Birth Date Numerology: Your Lucky numbers are:
Number 2 – This is a number of honesty, sensitivity, diplomacy and concern for others.
Number 4 – This number signifies down-to-earth people, practicality, reliability and organization.

Lucky Colors For November 11th Birthdays:
Red: This color stands for the life force, passion, competition and prohibition.
White: This colour symbolizes authenticity, purity, wisdom and enlightenment.

Lucky Days For 11 November Birthdates:
Monday – Planet Moon‘s day that symbolizes a sensitive and sympathetic attitude towards life.
Tuesday – This day ruled by Mars symbolizes the courage and strength needed to forge ahead in life.

November 11 Birthday Stone: Topaz gemstone is symbolic of royalty, mental stability and fidelity in relationships.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gift For People Born On The 11th Of November: A pair of binoculars for the man and a day planner for the Scorpio woman.


  1. I was born on 11/11 at 10:49(11 minutes to 11)

  2. 11/11/1976 @ 11:11 AM

  3. 11-11-1981
    hi fellow scorpions… who’s looking for the true meaning of life. Super sensitive, can read people’s mind and body expressions easily. Can draw well, love art. Still water runs deep… calm on the outside, its a volcano inside…

  4. My son was born on 11.11.1997 @11 O’ clock was on a tuesday, Lol!

  5. 11/11/1981 @ 11.15pm India

  6. Naledi Prudence Ratsela

    11:11:1975 was a Tuesday when I was born! Typical Scorpio. People whom I think have made it in life often as for my opinion about very important issues of their own.

  7. 11/11/1977 is the one and only me 😉

  8. Thats everything about me 11/11/1993

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