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You Made It To Your First Anniversary! Here’s 15 Fun Ways To Celebrate!

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper. So give your spouse some paper and a pen on your special day. Then they can write down a list of anniversary celebrations that are way more fun than paper. Or skip the paper altogether and go for some of these ideas.


First Anniversary Gift Ideas

#1. Take another honeymoon

If you haven’t traveled much since the wedding, this is a great time to get away. Treat it like a real honeymoon. Get the newlywed suite and tell everyone you’re just married. Relive the fun without the stress of having just gone through a wedding.

Honeymoon concept, Man and Woman in love, Couple enjoying glass

#2. Go on your first date

If you can go back to the restaurant where you met or the same movie theater, recreate your first date. If you have the same clothes, wear them! It’s a great chance to walk down memory lane and see how far you’ve come together.


#3. Light candles and share a bottle of wine

Romantic doesn’t mean that you have to make an elaborate dinner or go out to a restaurant. Just dress up the house with tons of candles, turn off the lights and the phones, and revel in the romance.


#4. Watch all your favorite movies at once

Every couple has movies they love to share and quote to each other. Your first anniversary is a great time to relive those movie moments. Take a day off from work, stay home and watch all your best-loved flicks at once. You can indulge in snacks and snuggle up together as you speak all the great lines along with the actors.


#5. Play the greatest hits of your marriage

Through your dating, wedding and first year together, you’ll have collected a playlist of meaningful songs. Put this soundtrack together and enjoy the music as it transports you back through your lives together.


#6. Picnic on the hearth

For winter anniversaries, it’s hard to get outside to celebrate, but a picnic by a roaring fire brings a hint of summer fun to a cozy winter night. Plus, everyone looks extra sexy in firelight.

couple fireplace

#7. Re-pop the question

It’s been a year and this anniversary is a great time to let your sweetie know that you’d do it all over. If the man did the asking the first time, the woman can go for it this time. You can tell your spouse what things about your first year together makes you excited to re-commit.

#8. Have an anniversary breakfast or champagne brunch

Whether you cook at home or head out, the first anniversary is about fun and togetherness. It can be fun to turn the traditional dinner on its head and have breakfast instead. Breakfast together, especially after a night of passion, can be particularly romantic.

#9. Play at an amusement park

Remind yourself that life is fun and you’re celebrating. The first anniversary doesn’t have to be all serious and sentimental. Hop on a roller coaster and enjoy a scream-fest. (And you can point out the symbolism that married life is like a roller coaster . . . or not.)


#10. Write a letter to your future selves

You two have a long road ahead and you have a lot to accomplish. As you look back on your first year, think about what you already attained and want to do in the coming year. Write a letter together to the two of you on your second anniversary. Include what you want to achieve over the next year and save your letter. It’ll be fun to open on your second anniversary to see if you reached your goals.

#11. Have dinner with friends and give each other a formal toast

If you want to celebrate with friends and family, it’s a nice touch to give each other a formal toast, similar to the best man and maid of honor toast at your wedding. Give some thought to your toast as a public affirmation of how great your first year has been.

couple toast with friends

#12. Give together to a cause you love

If you and your spouse passionately support a cause or volunteer organization, give your anniversary to it. Spending time together volunteering will create an amazing anniversary memory and strengthen your commitment to each other and to your passion.

#13. See a play or symphony

If you don’t usually go to classical concerts or see plays or musicals, this is a great option for your first anniversary. It’s a little bit formal to mark the occasion and provides a new experience to share.

#14. Go to a wine or art festival

Almost any time of the year, there’s a festival going on nearby. Find out what local events are held near your anniversary and head out and enjoy. You can share the experience of trying garlic ice cream, a new kind of wine or pick up a piece of art for your home that will commemorate your day.

couple salsa

#15. Start a new hobby

Have you both been wanting to learn salsa dancing? Have you been meaning to learn how to cook Thai cuisine? Now is a great to time take some classes, sign up for a seminar or even just get a book and try it out. You started something awesome with your wedding one year ago. Why not carry on the tradition?

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