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Fitness Workout For Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Right Kind Of Workout

As a Sagittarius, you luck out with exercise because you are high energy with a great metabolism. You can’t sit still, which serves you well in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle with a fitness workout. But because you love to travel you may also get too distracted to stay with a routine.


Fitness Sports For The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Not only are Sagittarians a fire sign, you are also symbolized by the centaur, so a sport like archery will probably interest you to start. But you like to change things up, variety being the spice of life for you.

Good exercise options for the Sagittarius sun sign are rock climbing, white water rafting, rollerblading, aerobics, bicycling, gymnastics, and competitive sports. You love being in a crowd, so get the gang together and go have fun!


A friendly game of tag football or whiffle ball is a great way to get things going and end with a dip in the pool. Because you enjoy traveling you also love the outdoors, so try and hang out in nature as much as possible.

Take a power walk with friends, go horseback riding, or hike in the woods. This will not only get your heart rate up, it will help to clear your chaotic mind.

Good exercise options are the Sagittarius sun sign are rock climbing, white water rafting, roller blading, aerobics, bicycling, gymnastics, and competitive sports.

Fitness Workout For Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Exercise Workout Regime

You have a dazzling intellect and when it is confused, it can get in the way of maintaining a weekly schedule. This is why it’s important to find activities you can do with other people, so they can remind you of appointments and keep you on track.


You love trying new things which help to keep your fitness routine fresh and interesting, but with all the different times and dates you may forget what’s coming up next.

Planning is not your strong suit, so make sure you have at least one person helping you out in that department. This will allow you to focus on important issues, such as refining your movements to create an effective exercise workout regimen and tailoring your diet to fit with the exercise.


Fitness Workout For Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Healthy Diet & Food

This will take some work, for you tend to eat easy meals or fast food. Being such a busy person you don’t have time to make a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you grab whatever is convenient and you’re out the door.

The Sagittarius zodiac sign will have to get used to thinking ahead when it comes to your eating habits. Try to make some meals on the weekends when you have more time to prepare things. You could even buy ingredients already chopped up, such as fruits and vegetables, and throw them in with some baked chicken or whole wheat pasta.

And since you hate dealing with tedious details, use an easy computer program or an app on your phone to keep track of things like calories, fat, protein, etc. You can start easy, tracking only one statistic at a time, just as long as you also track your progress.

Decide what’s most important to you, whether it be weight loss, body fat percentage, or muscle gain, and keep tabs on your results. Seeing your program work may help to motivate you to keep going.

And if you fall off track, don’t abandon the idea completely. Sagittarius sun sign tend to flee when times get tough, so rely on your friends to pull you through. Even if you miss an exercise date or indulge in a sweet dessert, there’s always a new day.

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