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Rising Sign Calculator

Rising Sign – Ascendant Calculator

Your rising sign or the ascendant is one of the most important aspects of your natal birth chart in Western astrology. It indicates the beginning of your first house. At the moment of your birth, whichever zodiac constellation was rising in the eastern horizon is what your rising sign is. This marks your first impression upon the world. The first house is all about you. Try our rising sign calculator and find out what impact it has on your life.


The ascendant sign helps you know how selfish you can be but in the most positive way. We enter this world starting with ourselves. We have to get to know ourselves before we can achieve what we most desire in life.


Most astrologers agree that your rising sign is the most important in terms of narrowing down who you are from your horoscope. Next in line would be the sun sign and then the moon sign. It is very common that if someone asks you what your zodiac sign is, you will respond by telling them what your sun sign is.


Your sun sign (or star sign) is mostly about how you act and how you express your personality. However, your rising sign is the zodiac sign that is the true you. Whatever the sign on your ascendant represents, this is what you strive to become in life no matter how you act (the sun) or feel (the moon).

Your rising sign is also a clue to your facial features

Facial Features

Your rising sign is also a clue to your facial features. It shows what kind of body you most likely have and it is your initial drive in life. How you approach things and how you start things depends on your zodiac personality. Knowing if you are an Aries Rising or whether your ascendant is in Cancer, can change your choices in life.


Your ambition in life and what gives you that raw motivation to push through is a matter of the characteristics of the sign of your ascendant. This is the face that you present to the world.

It’s the very first impression that you give to people. If you walk into an interview, the very first impression that you give to the potential employer is usually a powerful trait from you rising sign. (You can also try the Japanese Astrology Personality Test ).

Try our rising sign calculator and find out what impact it has on your life.Get familiar with your rising sign astrology and you will understand more about what motivates you. Know what you can achieve in the coming years based on the likes and wants of your rising sign.

Since this is the sign of the self, you can obtain more insight into your personal desires and needs. Discover what is most important for you to achieve for yourself with this free rising sign report. Find out with the ascendant astrology calculator if you have an Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces Rising!

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