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Mercury is in the 12 houses.

Mercury In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Mercury In Astrological Houses

Planet Mercury symbolizes communication and interaction. It helps you to figure out what is going on around you in everyday life and over time as well. You will be curious, about the world and the people in it,  when Mercury is in the 12 houses.


Mercury in houses effect is seen when it comes to communicating with others. This can be handy when you are trying to get a promotion at work or if you are trying to make new friends.

Mercury In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Mercury In 1st House

The Mercury In 1st House

When Mercury is in astrological houses like 1st, you are going to be easily distracted, daydreaming. You will change your mind often. You are likely to take control of a conversation when socializing, even when you don’t realize it. This may annoy your friends.


Mercury In 2nd House

The Mercury In 2nd House

When Mercury is in the 2nd house in your natal chart, you will be much more practical, both in how you think and interact with others. You’ll want to be alone more often. This will make it easier for you to succeed at work or in school.


Mercury In 3rd House

The Mercury In 3rd House

You will feel more intelligent when Mercury is in the third house. You will be more likely to pick up a new book to read. Or learn a new skill pick up a hobby, or even do something as simple as reading the newspaper more often.


Mercury In 4th House

The Mercury In 4th House

In the fourth house, you will be more creative. However, you may also be very stubborn when it comes to changing your mind about something. Friends may not like this. Like the third house, you will also want to continue learning.

Mercury In 5th House

The Mercury In 5th House

Your creativity will continue when Mercury is in the fifth house. You will use this creativity to make friends. This can be helpful when you wish to entertain others by telling stories or jokes. You may also lie more during this time.

Mercury In 6th House

The Mercury In 6th House

You’ll be as sharp as ever when Mercury is in the sixth house. You will have an eye for small details that others do not notice. You will be very organized during this time. You’ll also have a knack for helping others.

Mercury In 7th House

The Mercury In 7th House

When Mercury is in the 7th house, you won’t be afraid to voice your opinion. This may cause arguments, but you’ll get more energy from it. Your friends may be annoyed by this. So, make sure that you do not set off your partner as well.

Mercury In 8th House

The Mercury In 8th House

Curiosity is key when Mercury is in the eighth house. You will want to know what makes other people think the way they do. This may lead you to ask questions, as well as research. Try not to ask too many personal questions, as this can annoy others.

Mercury In 9th House

The Mercury In 9th House

Your curiosity will continue to occupy your mind when Mercury is in the 9th house. Only, this time, you will be more curious about the world in general, and not especially the people. It is great to study to get the answers that you want during this time.

Mercury In 10th House

The Mercury In 10th House

You will excel when it comes to a conversation when Mercury is in the tenth house. This will be able to help you with your job and possibly in school as well. You will have a hard time sticking to one decision during this time.

Mercury In 11th House

The Mercury In 11th House

When Mercury is in the eleventh house, you will, once again, be curious about the way that people do things, mostly with how they interact with each other. To understand this more clearly you may want to join a group or a committee.

Mercury In 12th House

The Mercury In 12th House

For once in this astrological house, you may feel shy. You may have problems expressing yourself for a while until you can overcome it, and then you will be extremely confident. It may seem like a long rough patch, but you’ll be able to make it through it.

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